Motivate your workplace, stimulate your bottom line.

While many businesses focus on important factors like market penetration, product differentiation, shareholder return and customer loyalty, those that really succeed are those that balance employee fulfillment with these things. Ultimately, how people feel about their work and their connection to it drive these business outcomes. When people feel involved in purposeful work that develops who they are, when they feel valued, cared for, and respected, a critical lever of sustainable competitive advantage is achieved. We help organizations achieve the right balance between enterprise performance and employee fulfillment. Our engagement survey outlines where and how; our emotional intelligence solution helps leaders facilitate productive feelings; and our motivation solution creates a shared ownership and responsibility mindset for being a highly motivated and engaged person at work. Collectively these solutions create peak performance.

Game changing for business. Life changing for people.

Genos has helped organizations all round the world develop the personal and interpersonal attributes of their people. Attributes like self-awareness, empathy, authenticity, resilience and positively influencing others. We do this via simple yet elegant techniques that help them better perceive, understand, express, reason with and manage emotions. Those that really succeed are those that make being emotionally intelligent a way of life, like a routine done every morning, rather than something focused on momentarily. Although the benefits to their work and performance are tangible, the benefits people most often relay to us from developing their emotional intelligence have nothing to do with the improvements they witness at work. People always discuss the improvements in their personal relationships, the relationships they have with their partners, friends and children, as the outcome they valued most from it. That’s why we call our emotional intelligence solutions game changing for business and life changing for people.

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Making you the expert.

Genos specialize in knowledge transfer. Whether its by certification in our assessments, a train-the-trainer program or sharing our experience of achieving similar objectives to those you are embarking on, we focus on making sure you have the capacity to execute rather than relying on us to do so. During our years in business we have certified or trained thousands of consulting professionals in recruitment, learning and organisational development, partners both within, and consulting to, organizations. This experience has led us to be experts in making you the expert.

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Improving sales revenue:
A pharmaceutical company

Pharmaceutical Company

Improvements in emotional intelligence lead to a 13% improvement in sales revenue - approximately $6 for every $1 invested in the program - within a 10-month time frame.

Driving large scale change:
A large iconic retailer


Improvements in emotional intelligence lead to higher levels of employee engagement and the delivery of large-scale change projects on time and on budget.

Emotional intelligence and employee engagement: IBM


A leader’s level of emotional intelligence has an impact on IBM’s employment brand, talent retention and level of discretionary effort amongst employees.

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