The Genos EI Model

Our Model of Emotional Intelligence was developed in the late 1990s by Dr. Ben Palmer and Professor Con Stough from Swinburne University. It involves seven core emotional intelligence skills identified in their research on a wide variety of different models and measures of EI. We use the seven skills of our model to develop the productive being states, shown on the outside of the model, and to minimize the unproductive being states, shown on the inside of it.

Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence

The Genos EI Model in Detail

Hover over the various sections of the Genos EI Model to reveal more detailed information about each facet of the model.

Or click this link for a larger view of the model.

Enhanced emotional intelligence transforms entire companies when applied to all levels and roles, or it can be used to improve individual business functions such as leadership, sales, and customer service.

Click below to listen to Genos CEO Dr Ben Palmer talk about the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence.

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