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Complimentary resources available to Certified Practitioners

This video, recorded from one of our Professional Development online events, will overview the library of free resources, programs and online courses available to Genos EI Certified Practitioners. Genos Professional Development events are designed to keep our certified network of practitioners informed about product updates and to support best practice use of our assessments. The...

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Open post Promoting student wellbeing, resilience and retention

Promoting student well-being

This research study is a summary of the full report 'Promoting regional student nurse wellbeing, resilience, and retention through an emotional intelligence intervention' prepared in February, 2018 by: School of Health and Human Sciences, Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour Dr Desirée Kozlowski Professor John Hurley Associate Professor Marie Hutchinson Background The Southern Cross University Coffs...

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How is Genos ‘game changing’ for business?

Great organisations need great people. Genos helps people be great. We do this by improving people’s impact, influence, leadership and resilience through the development of core Emotional Intelligence skills. Below are just a few case studies demonstrating how Genos has been game changing in the workplace. 13% Increase in Sales Revenue We have seen 13%...

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How to purchase tokens

To initiate a Genos emotional intelligence assessment, you will need to pre-purchase tokens. This article provides information about and how to complete this process. What are tokens and why use them? The “tokens” feature has been implemented to provide a simpler way of accounting for usage on Genos Surveys. The primary benefits of the token...

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Your free assessment credit: 5 steps to best use it

For customers of Genos Australia, a free assessment credit for a 360 feedback report is included with the attendance of the Genos EI Certification Program. After successfully completing your program, you are provided with log in details and instructions on how to order Genos EI assessments. Your free assessment credit will already be waiting for...

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Service Options

There are two service options for the administration of Genos online assessments and surveys: Self-managed and Genos-managed. These two options are outlined below. Assessment credit, known as tokens, are pre-purchased and added to your account in order to run any Self- managed or Genos-managed assessment or program. Quotes for volume pricing can be obtained using...

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Reducing HR-related costs in a large company

BackgroundA large company was facing increased HR-related costs associated with involuntary managerial turnover, stress-related claims and poor productivity levels. A suspected cause of these issues was poor manager behaviour towards employees. It was difficult for the organisation to quantify and put forward recommendations to management about how to respond to the rising problem. The Genos...

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Open post Increased Employee Engagement

Increased Employee Engagement within a large Government agency

BackgroundA large NSW government agency was about to go through a restructure that would affect a large number of people. There was considerable anxiety, uncertainty and stress amongst the workforce that was impacting productivity, decreasing employee engagement and decreasing service levels. The Genos Solution Genos trained a team of internal learning and development facilitators to...

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Emotionally Intelligent Coaching

Emotions are integral to everything we do – for every situation we encounter there will be an emotional response. Emotions are complex and they result in verbal, physiological, psychological and ultimately - behavioural responses. Emotion is often the driving force behind motivation, positive or negative, and for many of us, life is given its meaning...

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IBM: Leadership Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement

BackgroundIBM has been a long standing client of Genos, utilizing our emotional intelligence assessment and development programs to help improve coaching and mentoring skills in their managers and the effectiveness of their process improvement personnel. To help further the business case internally, Genos and IBM ran a research project looking at the relationship between leaders’...

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