Artificial intelligence, or AI, is already changing workplaces and many experts believe it will define much of what we do at work in the not too distant future.



Genos Artificial Intelligence Conference


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This conference will help us better understand AI, what it can do, what it will do in the future and what this means for how we recruit, develop and manage people in the workplace.

In this age of AI, many experts believe that emotional intelligence, or EI, will become a prized capability. How we assess and develop EI will become paramount to personal and organisational success. This conference will enhance your knowledge of the latest approaches to assessing and developing EI and how these will aid a world being shaped by AI.

Hear from experts and practitioners from around the world, engage in experiential activities and workshops, debate the science on this topic, and network with a global group of likeminded colleagues. Leave with the latest knowledge, presentations, workshop materials and global ideas for your work and clients. Below are some of the highlight sessions from the three days of the conference.



James is the CEO of the AI for Good Foundation, which he set up to examine how AI can be applied to solve some of society’s biggest challenges. Previously, James directed AI research at Bloomberg in New York, leading a team in a rich cross-disciplinary AI research agenda. James is a world-renowned researcher, engaging presenter, and an expert on what AI can do and how it can be harnessed for good. James will set the scene at the conference, discussing what AI is doing in today’s workplace and what it will do in the workplace of the future in talent assessment and development. Ask someone at the forefront of this field your questions about AI in the workplace and beyond. Walk away knowing how to shape your work for the future and how to talk about the world of AI with your clients.

AI For Good Foundation

Ben is the CEO of Genos International and a world-renowned expert on models and measures of EI. On Day 1, Ben will present on the latest personal and group models and measures of EI and what’s coming in the future. This session will comprise an interactive and experiential component where you’ll have the opportunity to thumb through the latest EI tests and reports. Genos partners from around the world will be bringing models and measures along to compare and contrast. You will leave this session equipped with the latest knowledge about the current EI industry and be better prepared to help clients adopt the best assessment solution for their needs.

Korn Ferry recently completed research with 25 global companies on leadership competencies reported to be in high demand but in low to moderate supply. While companies don’t state this explicitly, the top five competencies are all related to EI. In this presentation, our most successful user of the Genos EI Selection Report in the United States will: a) outline what these competencies are, and b) walk us through activities about linking those competencies to EI, and how to strategically use the Genos EI Selection Report to help fill these types of needs. You will walk away from this session knowing how to link Genos EI to client competency models, job descriptions or talent needs, and how to help clients improve their hiring practices. You will also learn new consulting services you can provide to clients on finding talent with the EI capabilities required in an age of AI.



In his most recent book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, Daniel Goleman talks about the importance of being able to read group emotions. This skill, known as our ‘emotional aperture’, involves the perceptual ability to adjust your focus from a single individual’s emotional cues to the broader patterns of emotions in groups. It’s fundamental to team work, sales, leadership, presenting and group facilitation. As part of this session, you’ll have the opportunity to assess your own emotional aperture and discover how to improve this skill within yourself and others. You’ll also walk away with a program brochure, slide deck and facilitator guide that will equip you with a new program to deliver to your clients.



Aoife is the Director of Marketing for Genos Europe. Aoife’s marketing session was one of the most highly rated sessions at the 2018 Genos conference. Indeed, she went on to give similar sessions for many conference attendees. This year, Aoife will give another standout practical marketing session on how to enhance the way you position yourself, your brand and your EI services. Walk away from her interactive session knowing how to bring EI to your marketing and communications in a human way that engages your audience and gets their buy-in.

In the last couple of years, dramatic mindset shifts have been made regarding the value organisations place on social and emotional competence. While it used to be authors like Daniel Goleman calling out the importance of EI, now governments and institutions like the World Economic Forum are promoting EI. As a result, organisations have become much more interested in knowing how their talent stacks up from an EI perspective. How do we compare to the market? Is EI one of our talent’s collective strengths or is it a weakness we need to invest in? In this interactive session, Ian Hamilton, National Director of Client Services for Genos, will demonstrate how Genos EI Group Reports can be used to answer these questions for clients and help them take a more data-driven approach to their learning and development spending. You will leave Ian’s session with greater insights on how to work more strategically with your data and generate further EI work on that basis.

What is the EI industry like in China? How is EI impacting organisations and what results is it producing? Christine is the CEO of LPA and the biggest distributor of Genos EI in China. In this presentation, Christine will discuss her experiences of working with companies like BMW, Coca-Cola, China Mobile, Huawei, and Sika Haier. She’ll also talk about her experience with Genos certifying over 2000 learning and development professionals in China. You’ll leave this session with an enhanced understanding of what’s happening with EI in the world’s most populous country and leave with some development experiences that bring EI to life in the East.

Cem and Banu run the award-winning organisation BCC Turkey and distribute the Genos product in this country of 76 million people. In their session, experience their unique approach and witness the Genos EI Performance, a drama-based scenario. The Genos EI Performance stage show is based on expertise in emotional intelligence. The show involves shaky issues that business professionals experience, without being aware of it, in their work relationships. Leave this session with fresh ideas on how to bring EI to life and make it practically applicable to how we present and express ourselves.


Sue is the HR Director for AbbVie ANZ. AbbVie is the sixth-largest independent biopharmaceutical company in the world, founded by Abbott Laboratories in 2013. Highly dependent on innovation, AbbVie is a highly focused research-driven biopharmaceutical company that takes on some of the toughest health challenges we face. In this session, Sue will talk about why EI is so important to AbbVie’s culture of innovation and a key driver of the ongoing success of the business. Sue is an accomplished human resources executive with broad experience across pharmaceuticals, healthcare, aviation and professional services. From this session, we will gain specific insight into what makes EI stick and resonate in a technical, high IQ environment from the other side of the desk.


With the advent of social media and a higher degree of electronic connectedness than any time in human history, our attention span is under assault as more and more interruptions and distractions threaten our ability to pay attention—to focus on what’s important at any given moment. We know that our devices are stealing our ability to focus and engage effectively. That’s why Accenture has said that ’understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success’. Deiric will demonstrate how you can use well-established mindfulness techniques to build your ability to focus and be attentive to what’s going around you. Leave this session with the most up-to-date knowledge on mindfulness and its contribution to developing emotionally intelligent behaviour in the workplace.

The digital age has created a customer base that has an abundance of information at their fingertips. Today’s buyers are well informed about products and services. They know what people have to sell, what products and services do and don’t do, and how products and services compare with other like products and services in the market. As a result, great sales teams know that what’s most important to buyer decisions and loyalty is our understanding of customer needs, the relationship we forge with customers, and the emotional experience we generate. In this session, Ben will take you through the new Genos EI Sales Assessment and Report. Jeff Summers will then take you through his top three applied EI sales development activities. Walk away from this session knowing how to position this new Genos product, with new content and activities for sales effectiveness programs.

Experts from both perspectives will join us on stage for a panel discussion on AI and EI. Attendees can pose questions to the panel for discussion and reflection. Walk away confident in your ability to discuss the present and future position of EI and AI in the workplace.





Option 1: Tokens Registration - AU $1,450.00
Make your conference registration pay for itself. This option includes both your full conference registration and AU $1,450 worth of Genos Assessment Credit in the form of Genos Tokens. These can be used with any Genos Assessment and will be added to your Genos Surveys account after attending the conference. Use this option to make a return on investment from your conference registration.

Option 2: General Registration - AU $749.00
Use this option to minimise the cost of attending the Genos conference. Pay just $749.00 for a full conference registration which includes the Welcoming dinner, morning and afternoon tea and coffee, lunch and all 3 day conference activities.


Welcoming Sunday Cocktails and Dinner

Monday to Wednesday catering

Special accomodation booking rates at the venue resort, Outrigger Reef Waikiki Resort, including a discount of $20 off the resort charge (usually $35, now $15) per room per night.

This discounted resort charge includes: Daily in-room internet access, 11am checkout, One hour daily international complimentary phone calls, Refreshments, Daily cultural activities, a Shopping and dining coupon booklet and more.


Organisations who want to stay competitive through applying emotional intelligence in the context of fast-paced industries progressing with artificial intelligence.

Learning and organisational development professionals, human resource consultants or managers, executive coaches, organisational psychologists and those in similar professions around the globe are joining our growing community of talented Emotional Intelligence Practitioners impacting lives and workplaces with our powerful Genos EI solutions.

The rise of AI makes EI now more important than ever. This is a must-attend for all Genos EI Certified Practitioners, Partners and Distributors around the globe.





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