Conference FAQs


Who should attend?

The Genos Conference is designed for Genos members and partners around the world and also learning and organisational development professionals, human resource consultants or managers, executive coaches, and organisational psychologists interested in learning more about Genos emotional intelligence solutions.

What if I'm not Genos EI Certified?

We recommend that registrants complete the Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program prior to attending this event in order to gain access to some of the new products being launched, however attendees do not need to be Genos EI Certified to attend the conference.

If interested, however, we do have a number of Genos EI Certification courses on offer around the world throughout the year. Start by looking at our International events calendar or by contacting your local Genos Distributor (if you're located outside of Australia).

What is the dress code?

Smart casual.

Can I bring a friend to any of the sessions?

Only conference registrants (wearing a lanyard) will be allowed to attend the conference sessions, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Your friend will need to purchase a conference registration (subject to availability and before registration closing) to participate in any of these activities.

Who should I contact if I have any further questions?

Please email


Can I get a discount?

You can essentially attend for free if you choose the Tokens Registration option. That is, to pay the applicable fee and receive Genos Assessment Token Credit equivalent in worth to the fee you paid. This option should be very attractive to those of you who have an upcoming Genos Assessment Project or envisage an opportunity to use the Genos Assessments in the future.

What is Genos Assessment Token Credit?

Genos Assessments can be pre-purchased with Genos Tokens. Tokens are loaded up in your account and you can use them to pay for assessments as and when you need. For more information about tokens, please visit this article.

When will I receive the tokens if I register using the tokens option?

Tokens will be added to your Genos Surveys account after attending the conference.

Accommodation and Travel

How do I access the special rates for accommodation for the conference?

The Outrigger Reef Resort has provided special accommodation deals specially for Genos Conference attendees via a unique booking link made available on the conference webpage. Discounted bookings are limited and are offered by 'first-in' basis.

The booking link will be removed once rooms on hold have been sold out.

Which is the closest Airport?


Is lunch provided each day?

Morning tea and coffee, lunch and afternoon tea and coffee will be provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Will there be gluten free/vegetarian options?

Yes, all dietary requirements will be accommodated. Any dietary requirements must be indicated in the online registration form or sent to ASAP.

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