Excel At Management Through Identifying, Measuring, Developing and Understanding Emotional Intelligence

After years of being dissatisfied with your work and workplace, you’ve cut the cord and have set out to develop your own business. Excited, you want to create a workplace that avoids the irritations and production lags that come with interpersonal conflict and office politics. The best way to create the ideal workplace is by implementing values from the very beginning. By developing an understanding of emotional intelligence, you can develop policies and practices that promote a harmonious workplace where developing emotional intelligence is encouraged and enhanced. Genos International is world renowned for our assessments, training, and courses in identifying emotional intelligence. By measuring emotional intelligence from the beginning, we can assess where improvement is needed and how best to develop emotional competencies that will enhance the operational culture of your new business.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves competency in the recognition and management of your own emotions and the successful navigation through the emotions of others. Our emotions influence how we think, act, and interact with others. How we manage our emotions affects how we perceive events and the people around us as well as how others perceive us. We believe that successful management of our emotions makes us stronger workers. Therefore we are committed to developing emotional intelligence at all levels and industry of business. Without control over our emotions and the ability to work with the sometimes-volatile emotions of others, productivity slows, and workplace satisfaction decreases.

We offer comprehensive assessments followed by industry-defining training and courses to optimise you and your new team’s productivity and workplace happiness. We start by identifying emotional intelligence already mastered by the individual, indicating where skills are most needed. Initially measuring emotional intelligence gives our participants a way to see how far they have come and compare how they used to process life compared to their current abilities. Through our series of trainings and courses, we encourage the importance of understanding emotional intelligence to each participant. Each attendee is developing emotional intelligence through skill-building activities that promote authenticity, mindful presence, expansive thought, empathy, resilience, and empowerment.

Choose Genos International for Identifying and Developing Emotional Intelligence

We started as a university project out of Australia’s Swinburne University in 2002. Back then, we were only interested in understanding emotional intelligence by measuring the emotional intelligence already present in an individual. In no time, our interests expanded to a passion for developing emotional intelligence through educational training. We put together online courses and in-person workshops geared at enhancing workplace effectiveness using tools such as mindfulness, compassion, and empathy. Online training opportunities come in modules you and your team can work through, or feel free to book a two-day workshop offered in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. You left the workforce to forge your own path for a reason. Start your new path right by fortifying yourself and your new team with training in emotional intelligence and reap the benefits of a smooth-running and harmonious workplace.

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