EI in Selection and Talent Management Initiatives


How are organisations integrating Emotional Intelligence into Selection and Talent Management?

Firstly, three broad categories represent the employee life-cycle:

  1. From selection and new hire,
  2. Through to development and talent management Initiatives in human resources,
  3. Through to transitioning people into other positions.

Why should you integrate emotional intelligence into recruitment and talent management?

According to the World Economic Forum, Emotional Intelligence is the 6th most important job skill required by 2020.

According to Work Safe Victoria:

  • More mental injuries get caused by workplaces now than physical injuries.
  • Levels of emotional intelligence positively correlate with levels of resilience and negatively correlate with levels of occupational stress. In other words, people with high EI feel less stressed and are more resilient at work.

Embedding into selection: A holistic approach

Organisations using this holistic approach are using the following framework:

  1. In the initial screening, they use an EI psychometric assessment to help identify candidates with high EI
  2. Then to assess the short list, candidates are interviewed or complete role-play based simulations
  3. Successful candidates are then on-boarded with an emotional intelligence self-assessment to introduce them to expected behaviours
  4. Followed by confirmation to ensure the employees are demonstrating EI sufficiently in the business using a 180 or 360 degree assessment.

Embedding into talent identification and management

Embedding into talent management and identification gives organisations the opportunity to benchmark their talent with the external market.

The Genos assessment not only provides your talent with a benchmark, but also a development opportunity. Accompanied with Genos EI reports are development workbooks that can be used by the employee.

In the full version of the above video (located in the Professional Development section of the Member Portal), Genos provides ethical guidelines on how to best identify talent.

In terms of managing your talent, the Genos EI Leadership 360 degree assessment ensures organisations:

  • Are being led by emotionally intelligent leaders,
  • Identify leadership or behavioural issues at an early stage, and
  • Drive a sustained culture of emotionally intelligent leadership.

To give you the opportunity to learn more about how to integrate Emotional Intelligence into your Selection and Talent Management Practices, we are running a one-day course in January designed for learning and organisational development professionals, human resource consultants and managers, or practitioners already Genos EI Certified to gain access to the latest Genos EI Selection Report.

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