Create a Positive Work Environment with Emotional Intelligence Accreditation in Australia

Regardless of what job you have, chances are, you have to interact with people. Emotional intelligence is a crucial skill that makes those interactions as positive and effective as they can be. Studies show that having a higher level of emotional intelligence can help individuals have better mental health, relationships, career success and happiness. At Genos International, we have emotional intelligence accreditation in Australia to improve your people skills and help you be more successful in the workplace. We offer emotional intelligence accreditation in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to have control over and be aware of your own emotions and to perceive and interpret the emotions of others properly.

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Model has six core skills: self-awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning, self-management and positive influence. When practised, these skills can lead to an individual being present, empathetic, genuine, expansive, resilient and empowering.

Self-awareness can help you understand how your feelings impact the decisions you make. Being emotionally aware of others means that you can perceive how other people feel and know how to make them feel valued and understood. If you are aware of other people’s emotions, you can avoid being insensitive. Authenticity means that you can say how you feel in a manner that is appropriate and truthful. Emotional reasoning helps you take your feelings and the feelings of others into account when making decisions. Emotional self-management allows you to handle your emotions at work despite stress. The final skill, positive influence, means that you can help create a healthy work environment for those around you.

Genos International Emotional Intelligence Accreditation Program

Our emotional intelligence accreditation program will help you become well-versed in applying emotional intelligence in your workplace. This comprehensive program is specially designed for human resource managers or consultants, executive coaches, organisational and learning development professionals and organisational psychologists. We offer emotional intelligence accreditation in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

This program will teach you how to do a variety of things, including how to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace, how to help others in your place of work develop their emotional intelligence through assessment, how to sell emotional intelligence solutions and how to lead and design emotional intelligence development sessions.

Throughout this two day program, several topics will be covered. The first day will focus on approaches to assessment, interpreting and debriefing results, the science of emotions and more. Day two covers such topics as the next steps in accreditation, leadership assessment and successful project execution.

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a personalised 360° Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report and Development Tips Workbook from one of our trainers. Then, to make sure you can use the Genos Emotional Assessment tools correctly, you will be asked to debrief the results of a sample 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report.

Coming out of the program, you will have the skills to come up with emotional intelligence development solutions, discuss and interpret emotional intelligence assessments and carry out an emotional intelligence assessment project.

To become a Genos Accredited Practitioner, try one of our courses in emotional intelligence accreditation in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

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