Getting the Most Out of Your Work Experience with Emotional Intelligence Coaching in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to perceive and interpret their own emotions and the emotions of others. Genos International wants to help you better your workplace environment with emotional intelligence coaching in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney. You will learn from credentialed professionals experienced in research, survey design and building learning programs.

Why Does Emotional Intelligence Matter?

Emotional intelligence benefits everyone in a workplace. For individuals, studies show that increased emotional intelligence can improve mental health, relationship satisfaction, career success and overall happiness. Beyond oneself, emotional intelligence creates a more positive environment in the workplace and makes interactions between colleagues more pleasant and productive. It also helps individuals better manage their stress and allows them to handle high work demands.

For leaders, having emotional intelligence is a huge advantage. Poor leadership is costing you money. Emotional intelligence helps leaders motivate and mobilise their team, problem solve, encourage creative thinking, make good decisions and feel less stressed and more focused.

With practice, emotional intelligence helps everyone to be more present, empathetic, genuine, expansive, resilient and empowering. Emotional intelligence coaching can help professionals and leaders have a more positive work experience.

A case study done at a large company undergoing the Genos model of emotional intelligence coaching found that there was a direct correlation between managers’ emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness. The study also concluded that there was a direct link between managers’ emotional intelligence and levels of employee engagement. This is just one example of the positive impact that emotional intelligence can have on a company.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching in Australia

We want to help you increase your levels of emotional intelligence as much as possible with emotional intelligence coaching in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Ignite is one of our programs designed to help professionals learn techniques and tools to improve emotional intelligence. This program, perfect for leaders or individuals, will teach you how to foster a positive work environment, lead difficult conversations, manage stress and work demands and be a positive influence on your colleagues. Ignite involves group discussions, facilitator-led demonstrations, learning to apply what you learned to your daily life and more.

Another way you can improve your emotional intelligence is through The Mindful Leader Program. This program supplies you with mindful practices and teaches you how and when to apply them appropriately. In this one-day leadership program, you will be given the opportunity to practice applying newly learned skills in several leadership scenarios. A mindful leader will know how to manage performance, lead meetings, get people’s attention and more.

After you complete the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment at the beginning of the program, we will use the results to help you learn the mindfulness techniques that will make you a better leader. The Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment provides benchmarked, gap and raw scores for each competency. Our six competencies are self-awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning, self-management and positive influence. Our emotional intelligence coaching in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne will help you improve each competency to maximise your leadership skills.

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