Enrol in Emotional Intelligence Training Course Available to Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne

You have recruited a stellar team of highly advanced computer techs to work on your rapidly growing tech company. Public interest is gathering but there seems to be an inexplicable lag in operations. Upon assessment, you conclude that your tech-savvy team lacks interpersonal skills which is creating conflict between workers. An emotional intelligence training course available throughout Australia will assist your team in developing skills needed for effective communication and collaboration. When your team takes the emotional intelligence training course in Sydney, they get better at executing their jobs and at managing their personal life allowing them to be more present and productive when at work. Genos International has been recognised around the world for our stellar emotional intelligence training courses based on academic research on human behaviour and motivation. Enrol in the EI training course near your Melbourne office that matches your company goals and empowers your team both personally and professionally.

Enhanced Performance with an EI Training Course in Australia

Emotional Intelligence is the developed ability to identify and effectively manage one’s own emotions and perceptions while successfully navigating the emotions and behaviourism of others. Our EI training course will teach your staff to recognise how their emotions impact their decisions, actions, habits, and how others perceive them. In the second part of the emotional intelligence training course also available in Brisbane, we will build on skills using many of the same self-assessment tools to successfully engage with all team members.

When we understand how our emotions affect how we are perceived, we can understand how our perceptions of others may be clouded by our own emotions or not accounting for the emotions of others. By bringing EI training into your Melbourne workplace, you promote a peaceful, smooth-running workplace full of individuals with the skills to be leaders as well as the humility to be team players.

Outstanding Emotional Intelligence Training Courses by Genos International

Genos International has been recognised for developing the most effective emotional intelligence training courses. Originally crafted out of Swinburne University in 2002, our assessments were designed to identify and measure emotional competencies. Seeing a pervasive deficiency in effective emotional regulation across many professional fields, we developed EI intelligence training courses now available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The goal of our EI training courses held in Brisbane is to empower attendees to take the skills they learn and apply them to their jobs and their lives. Successful application of the EI training courses from Sydney to their personal lives translates to stable, productive, and confident performance at the office. Our emotional intelligence training courses across Australia focus on six aspects of emotional intelligence including authenticity, emotional reasoning, self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others, and how to lead by being a positive influence on the team.

We offer emotional intelligence training to Brisbane and other locations at one of our two-day workshops or through a standardised online training course that is divided into modules. As we recognise that it may be hard to shut down your operation for two days while everyone attends training, you can consider having your management team come in for EI training in Melbourne while the rest of your team enrols in the online courses.

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