Emotional Intelligence Workshops for Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

University is a time where young adults explore their interests, question their beliefs, and set themselves on a path that will hopefully lead to stability and success. Student housing places new adults from around the globe in close living quarters while they pursue higher education. As the head of student affairs, you oversee your university’s campus housing program and have employed students as residential aids. Support your aids by enrolling them in one of our emotional intelligence workshops throughout Australia.

Emotional Intelligence workshops prepare your staff for the chaotic year ahead by providing them with tools for stress management, effective leadership, how to dissipate situations, and much more. Although more experienced than the incoming class, these students are still developing how to figure things out for themselves and have now been charged with maintaining a peaceful neighbourhood of residential housing. Completion of an emotional intelligence workshop at our Melbourne location will give them the tools they need to manage their own emotions while handling the non-stop needs of their residents. Genos International has earned worldwide recognition for our emotional intelligence workshops in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops: Best for Sydney, Best for Everywhere

Emotional Intelligence involves the ability to understand and develop how your own emotions impact your actions, perceptions, and how you are perceived. One can also use these skills to understand the behaviours of others. Emotional intelligence workshops offered in Brisbane develop skills that enhance life’s successes in the individual’s professional and personal life. Your residential aids will be faced with a wide variety of interpersonal issues this year that they will need to mediate. From personality clashes to cultural differences, they will need to be effective leaders capable of negotiating peace quickly and fairly.

Emotional Intelligence workshops for your Melbourne students will fortify them with the skills needed to approach tension-filled situations and resolve them empathetically. Our emotional intelligence workshops in Sydney and other locations develop skills across self-awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, reasoning, management, and how to be a consistently positive influence in challenging situations. The emotional intelligence workshop trains on how to manage one’s own emotional capacities and vulnerabilities as well as how to effectively interact with others be it on the job or not. The skills they will develop in our emotional intelligence workshops in Brisbane, or any of our other locations, are ones they will repeatedly utilise throughout the rest of their lives.

Choose Genos International for Emotional Intelligence Workshops in Australia

We started right here in Australia in 2002 as a university initiative out of Swinburne University interested in clearly identifying and measuring levels of emotional intelligence. Original assessments were developed by Dr Ben Palmer and Professor Con Stough; assessments, however, were not enough. To develop needed skills, we began offering emotional intelligence workshops in Australia’s hubs. The success of our emotional intelligence workshops has launched Genos International into the international market allowing us to expand our firm to the UK while having partner networks that offer the emotional intelligence workshops already well known in Brisbane around the globe. When you enrol in an emotional intelligence workshop in Melbourne, you know you’re getting the same quality product and services as Sydney, Brisbane, our UK firm, and all our affiliates.

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