Emotional Intelligence Case Studies looking at how the application of Genos International’s products has improved performance for leading companies.

Emotional Intelligence Case Studies

Case Studies Reducing HR-related costs

Reducing HR-related costs within a large company

The findings of this internal study helped the organisation include emotional intelligence assessment in talent assessment and management practices within the company. They indicated that it was highly likely that emotionally intelligent managers drove productivity and kept HR-related costs low.

increased employee engagement

Doubling Employee Engagement within a large Government agency

The Ignite program helped participants better manage their own emotions and positively influencing the way others felt, resulting in improved resilience, teamwork and relationships.

emotional intelligence case studies - an iconic retailer

Driving Large-Scale Change Projects – An Iconic Retailer

Improvements in Emotional Intelligence lead to higher levels of employee engagement and to the delivery of large-scale projects on time and on budget.

Case Studies improving sales revenue

Improving Sales Revenue: Sanofi-Aventis

Improvements in Emotional Intelligence lead to a 13% improvement in sales revenue, within a 10-month time frame delivering approximately $6 for every $1 invested in the program

Case Studies ibm

Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement: IBM

IBM has been a long standing client of Genos, utilizing our Emotional Intelligence assessment and development programs to help improve coaching and mentoring skills in their managers and the effectiveness of their process improvement personnel.

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