Genos provides emotional intelligence assessments for students and researchers free of charge. We encourage and welcome research on our assessments.



For Students and Researchers

Genos makes available its workplace based emotional intelligence questionnaires free of charge for the purposes of research. Individuals and organisations are strictly forbidden from using these questionnaires for any type of commercial purpose.

There are three versions of Genos EI questionnaires:

  • Genos EI Short Inventory (14 items)
  • Genos EI Concise Inventory (31 items)
  • Genos EI Full Inventory (70 items)

Each version exists in both self-report and rater-report format. The short version of Genos EI yields only a total score. The concise and full versions yield seven subscale scores and one total EI score. The concise version is recommended for research scenarios where a total EI score is of principal interest and there are some exploratory type hypotheses related to one or more of the individual seven dimensions. If there are primary hypotheses relevant to one or more of the seven dimensions, then the full version is recommended.

The basic psychometric properties, as well as the normative sample means and standard deviations, associated with the three versions of the Genos EI inventory can be found in Palmer, Stough, Harmer and Gignac (2009), as well as Gignac (2010). Genos does not make available the normative sample percentile scores. For research purposes, raw scores should be sufficient.

The questionnaires in PDF can be downloaded below. Students and researchers have permission to administer the questionnaires online.

Psychometric information on all three Genos EI versions can be read in Palmer, Stough, Harmer, & Gignac (2009):

More complete psychometric information on the Genos EI Inventory (Full Version) is documented in the Genos EI Inventory Technical Manual.
A confirmatory factor analysis of the Genos EI inventory is also available:

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