Overview of the Genos one-day EI Enhancement Programs

This video, recorded from one of our Professional Development online events, will provide an overview and answers to FAQs for the suite of Genos one-day Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Programs available to Genos EI Certified Practitioners.

What are these programs?

These are one-day emotional intelligence enhancement programs that can be used by Genos EI Certified Practitioners within their own or for their client organisations. They are based around the broad principles of emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour, leadership, resilience, employee engagement and mindfulness. Specifically, they are:

  • Emotionally Intelligence – designed to help leaders and team members enhance their productivity and performance
  • Resilience – designed to help leaders and team members enhance their workplace resiliency
  • Engagement – designed to help leaders motivate and engage their teams
  • Mindfulness – designed to help leaders and team members enhance their mindfulness

All programs:

  • have a duration of one day, but could be delivered over two half day sessions
  • contain an introduction to the neuroscience of emotions, emotional intelligence and the Genos model of EI
  • integrate the Genos 180° Feedback Assessment
  • provide workbooks personalised per participant, embedded with summary assessment results
  • leads to effective and targeted action planning
  • contain specific enhancement content focusing on the topic of the program

What are the support resources?

The online Genos Member resource portal provides facilitation, project management and marketing resources for each of these enhancement programs.

Facilitation resources include:

Project management resources include:

Marketing resources include:

  • Sample workbook
  • Program brochure
  • Videos

How to access the enhancement programs

  1. Become Genos EI Certified
  2. Request access by reviewing the introductory online course and filling out the licence application form.

Once requested, Genos will provide you access to the facilitation resources, and enable the program for you to access in Genos Surveys.

If you are located outside of Australia, please contact your local Genos distributor for more information about how you can gain access to these programs.

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