How to project manage a program in Genos Surveys

Genos International offers a series of one-day enhancement programs (workbooks) available in Genos Surveys. These are customised per participant and have their survey results embedded within them.

This article is written as a helpful guide for Genos Surveys Administrators (customers who are self-managing) and provides an explanation of each step involved in the administration of one of these programs.

For customers requesting a Genos-managed Enhancement Program, steps 1 and 4 onwards will apply to you.

For facilitators, information about preparation and supporting resources are provided at the beginning of each facilitator guide (which can be downloaded from the Member Portal).

Step 1. Complete this preparation checklist for a successful assessment project.

Please keep in mind that some details of the checklist will not apply to the chosen program, such as step 1 – currently we only offer the Leadership 180 Report.

Step 2. Click ‘New Group’ in Genos Surveys and create the program.

To start, click create new group to initiate the survey creation process.

Note: Please review the Administrator Tutorials if you are unfamiliar with using Genos Surveys for creating and managing survey groups. These are located in the Online Courses section of the Member Portal. The process for creating the enhancement program, managing the survey and downloading workbooks is similar to how you would create, manage and download the Genos EI reports.

Tip: If you are running the program within a client organisation, please ensure you select the applicable client. This will include their logo as well as your own on the front of all booklets.

Once you have completed the online training for the specific program, completed your licence application and received confirmation, it will appear on the Product selection screen of the group creation process.

Step 3. Adjust the survey settings then add the participants.

Now that you have created the group, you should now adjust the settings like you would do for any survey group. These include the start and end dates, email content and task settings (please refer to the Administrator Tutorials for more detailed instructions).

Once you have adjusted the settings, you should now add or import the program participants. If you need to pre-purchase more tokens you can purchase them using credit card or offline transfer methods in your Genos Surveys client > tokens page.

Step 4. Send a preliminary welcome email for the program.

Participant information can be downloaded from the Genos Surveys or the Practitioner Resources section of the Member Portal. This will ensure participants are ready to receive the survey emails.

Step 5. Commence and finalise the survey.

Now that participants are expecting to receive their survey invitations, commence the survey and check these have been sent out successfully (without any email bounces).

Once the survey has closed and all reports are finalised (and no more survey extensions required), you can now download the Report, the Program Workbook, and the Development Tips Workbook for each participant.

Warning and Tip: Once the report or any workbook containing results has been shown to the participants, the survey cannot be reopened for further feedback to be added. This will create a comparison of two sets of results shown to the participant, and hence, violating the privacy of the raters. This is why it is important to ensure you (and the facilitator) are 100% happy with the completion status of the reports before the survey is finalised and booklets are printed.

Step 6. Facilitate the program.

For more guidance around facilitation, preparation and supporting resources for the program, please refer to the applicable Facilitator Guide available for download within the Member Portal.

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