Your free assessment credit: 5 steps to best use it

For customers of Genos Australia, a free assessment credit for a 360 feedback report is included with the attendance of the Genos EI Certification Program.

After successfully completing your program, you are provided with log in details and instructions on how to order Genos EI assessments. Your free assessment credit will already be waiting for you in your own account.

Once logged in to Genos Surveys, you can immediately initiate your first assessment project using this credit. Although, you need to first think to yourself…

How can I best use my complimentary assessment credit?

Our recommendation is that you use your assessment credit for practise. As a newly active Genos EI Certified Practitioner, this is a great opportunity to build your confidence by debriefing a real subject on their own results.

To prepare for this, you could follow these steps:

Step 1

Approach a colleague or professional acquaintance whom you trust and tell them that you were only recently Certified with the Genos assessments and that you would like to give them the opportunity to complete a Genos EI Assessment and receive a debrief of their own report by you, free of charge.

Step 2

Choose a free assessment for your colleague. Using your credits in your account, you can either assess:

  • One colleague using the 360° EI Leadership Feedback Report or the 360° EI Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report,
  • One colleague using the 180° EI Leadership Feedback Report or the 180° EI Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report, or
  • Two colleagues using the EI Leadership Self Report or the EI Workplace Behaviour Self Report.

Step 3

Get a feel for using the Genos Surveys platform by adding the participant into the survey.

Step 4

Complete an Introduction session with the participant before initiating the survey. Download their complimentary Introduction Module from Genos Surveys and the supporting resources from the Member Portal.

Step 5

Follow the 3 principles for setting up an effective debrief outlined by Dr. Ben Palmer in this short video:


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