How is Genos ‘game changing’ for business?

Great organisations need great people. Genos helps people be great. We do this by improving people’s impact, influence, leadership and resilience through the development of core Emotional Intelligence skills.

Below are just a few case studies demonstrating how Genos has been game changing in the workplace.

13% Increase in Sales Revenue

We have seen 13% Increase in Sales Revenue from improvements in emotional intelligence, within a 10-month time frame delivering approximately $6 for every $1 invested in the program.

Participant feedback

Thank you for these documents and also thank you for the workshops. I found it extremely useful – and perhaps the best training of this type that I have experienced. I learned quite a lot about my own responses (just when I thought I knew it all!!!) and I was quite humbled and delighted at the extent to which everyone in the group contributed and participated – truly an honest and open sharing, and I think we all benefitted all the more for this. Within minutes of the first session finishing, Catherine arrived at my desk and we continued to chat and reflect on the exercises for the next 2 hours – we continued over coffee again yesterday and have made a plan for regular phone catch-ups when I get back to Head Office. All the best and thanks again.

Employee Engagement Doubled

Our emotional intelligence enhancement program has doubled employee engagement levels and helped leaders within a large Government agency deliver a large-scale change program on time and on budget.

Participant feedback

Feedback from the participants showed the program not only helped improve the sales performance of reps and their managers, it also helped them improve their relationships with each other. Employees had been navigating a difficult time within the business as bumps from the merger were ironed out and the two cultures integrated. As one participant put it:
I have seen improvements in behaviour that have increased the bottom line with sales reps. From a management perspective, increased skills that have lead to more buy-in, acceptance, spirit improved, and better communication.

From 4th to Best Domestic Airline of the Year

A Genos emotional intelligence enhancement program helps improve customer service and resilience for cabin crew, significantly helping the airline improve customer loyalty and profitability.




Genos EI Solutions

In a world of ‘do more with less’, where constant change is the norm, the benefits of emotional intelligence development occur within and outside of the workplace. Relationships improve, stress reduces, change occurs more efficiently and performance increases.

Our assessment and development solutions use accessible, practical and scientifically proven methods, and our coaches and facilitators are both skilled teachers and experienced professionals themselves.

Our programs present a holistic approach to development by improving both foundational and functional skills for the modern workplace. Our programs have been expertly designed, tested and shown to deliver tangible improvements in business outcomes. Most of the material can be applied within and outside of the workplace.

Our internationally recognised Emotional Intelligence Assessments have been designed specifically for workplace applications by PhD-level psychometricians. Used by fortune-500 companies every day, all Genos assessments:

  • Exceed all standards for psychometric reliability and validity,
  • Are internationally recognised and supported by a wealth of peer-reviewed published research,
  • Are accompanied by beautiful reports that present results in an accessible fashion with tailored development aids to facilitate development and growth.

At Genos, our experts in assessment and survey design help our clients measure return on investment from the integration and use of our assessments and development programs. This commercially focused approach to developing great people and measuring business improvement is encapsulated in our philosophy – Game changing for business, life changing for people.

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