Genos branding upgrades: look and feel changes

Genos is unveiling a refresh of our brand look and feel today and upgrades to our assessment reports, workbooks and facilitation resources.

Upgrades include

  • New assessment report covers with a more contemporary style that better utilises white space to ensure efficient, error free printing
  • The use of a new font to help make our reports easier to read, both on print and on screen
  • A more contemporary illustration of the Genos model and result graphs
  • Better use of icons to help convey key content and messaging
  • Note sections being replaced with pencil indicators and blank spaces to allow clients going ‘paperless’ to take digital notes in PDF reports and workbooks

This brand refresh symbolises the commencement of Genos International’s product digitalisation initiatives. The refresh of our brand and content is being overseen by Joshua Delaware in collaboration with Iris Sovierzoski from Iris Zoski Creative.

Our refreshed brand style guide can be accessed at any time from the Member Portal.

Upgraded sample reports are now available to download.

Upgraded designs will also be applied to our Enhancement Programs and Selection Report. Visit these pages to see the new look and feel of the materials.

When will these upgrades become available?

Genos is in the process of contacting clients and partners regarding the rollout of these new upgrades within Genos Surveys.

What does this mean for you?

We hope these upgrades help you maintain a contemporary look and feel of your development materials and better engage the stakeholders you are providing them to.

Please update your own marketing materials.

To support you during the implementation of these changes please send any questions you may have about this rebrand to We are ready to help you make this switch with us and continue to strengthen your business, your participant experiences and the Genos brand.

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  1. Love the refresh and tweaking of the Ignite material. Simple, clean and easy to navigate along with some key tweaks to some 360 statements. Well done Genos.


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