Emotional Intelligence Certification – Live Virtual Program

Live Virtual Program

A live virtual program delivered by a Genos Master trainer through six interactive 90 minute modules. The program is delivered through a blend of virtual learning techniques on the Zoom Platform. Group size is capped at 12 people.

  • Module 1 – The neuroscience of emotions and the Genos model of emotional intelligence
  • Module 2 -The psychometric properties and features of the Genos emotional intelligence assessments
  • Module 3 – Learn the Genos 8-step process to debriefing assessment reports
  • Module 4 – Practice the debrief and receive real time feedback (in learning pairs with a Genos Master Trainer as an observer)
  • Module 5 – Exploring the range of Genos Assessment reports
  • Module 6 – Handling difficult debriefs and an overview of Genos EI development programs

Program Schedule & Registration 2020

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Program Module 1 Modules 2 & 3 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6
Monday 22nd June Tuesday 23rd June 1 x 90 minute session
between 24-26th June
Monday 29th June Tuesday 30th June
Monday 20th July Tuesday 21st July 1 x 90 minute session
between 22-24th July
Monday 27th July Tuesday 28th July
Monday 24th August Tuesday 25th August 1 x 90 minute session
between 26-28th August
Monday 31st August Tuesday 1st September
Monday 7th September Tuesday 8th September 1 x 90 minute session
between 9-11th September
Monday 14th September Tuesday 15th September
Monday 19th October Tuesday 20th October 1 x 90 minute session
between 21-23rd October
Monday 26th October Tuesday 27th October
Monday 9th November Tuesday 10th November 1 x 90 minute session
between 11-13th November
Monday 16th November Tuesday 17th November

All Modules have a duration on 90 minutes and are delivered via the Zoom Platform.

Modules 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 – will be delivered from 10.00-11.30am, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Module 3 – will be delivered from 2.00-3.30pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Module 4 is delivered by arrangement with your Genos Master Trainer

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