Maintaining your Certification

Professional and competent use of the Genos assessment tools comes from continued learning about their use, discussion and networking with other Certified Practitioners and continued real-world experiences of their use. As such, to maintain your Certification, all Practitioners need to:

  • Debrief a minimum of three (3) EI Reports in a 12-month period
  • Attend at least one Professional Development Event each calendar year, and
  • Hold professional indemnity insurance.

If your status expires prior to the new year, you will receive an email in January from Genos inviting you to complete the form below.

Report your activity for 2017

If you were Certified prior to 2017, or if you have received an email notifying that your Certification status is inactive, please fill in your details and submit this form to notify Genos only if you have met the requirements (above) to maintain an active Genos EI Certification status for 2018.

What's next?

  • Continue your journey as an active Genos EI Practitioner with our new Practitioner Guide.

Renew your Certification

You can fast-track the renewal of your Certification and learn about the latest Genos Assessment products by attending one of our upcoming courses. Alternatively, there is an online case study option as well.

If you are located overseas, please contact your local Genos distributor for your renewal options.

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