Emotional Intelligence Test – Test Your Team’s EI Through Our Online Test, Enrol in Training and Courses for Improvement.

Your workplace is a mess. The previous managers ran the office granting little autonomy or respect to the workers. This created a distrustful culture where getting ahead involved throwing peers under the bus and not taking responsibility for one’s actions. Corporate finally stepped in and changed management putting you in charge. You want to revamp the office’s culture, but are hampered by mistrustful staff, lapses in operational processes and general follow through on tasks and orders. Meetings have been a disaster, and while everyone wants to complain, no one is listening. Start your office’s revitalisation with an online emotional quotient test by Genos International, then enrol participants in an online course that fits your company’s competitive priorities.

Founded in Australia, our online courses have gained international clout for developing interpersonal skill-building tools designed for the workplace but applicable to every aspect of life. Our series of online EI tests show attendees how to navigate their emotions and empathise with the emotions of others to maximise workplace productivity.

Online EI Test is Widely Applicable

Everyone has emotions; these emotions motivate us to think, believe, and act. Left unchecked, emotions can negatively influence our decisions, actions, habits, and how we interact with the people around us. As emotions impact how we present ourselves to the world, emotions also influence how people see us and how we see other people. Online EI training seeks to build self-awareness of this phenomenon and how it can be navigated to your benefit. Our online emotional intelligence training emphasises six qualities necessary for successful job and life performance. Each online emotional intelligence course promotes skills that allow you to be more present, empathetic, genuine, expansive, resilient, and empowering.

As your team develops skills and puts them to practice, they will find the tips and tricks that apply to every situation and setting. Your team will start using the skills they learned in our online emotional intelligence course to deal with rude neighbours or problematic family members. Their decrease in stress due to the successful application of our online EI test will result in continued productivity even when their personal lives are out of balance.

Genos International Boosts Performance through Emotional Intelligence Skills

Originally developed in 2002 out of Australia’s Swinburne University, our online EI test is available any time and place around the globe. The online emotional intelligence test is an ideal starting point to assess how your workforce is functioning and will indicate which of our online emotional intelligence courses are the best fit for both your company and the needs of your staff. The assessment was initially developed by Professor Con Stough and Dr Ben Palmer to measure emotional competencies in the workplace. Since then we have expanded our firm to the UK and have teamed up with affiliate partners worldwide. Jumpstart the workflow of your office today by enrolling your staff in the online EI course that’s right for you. You’ll quickly notice the change in your team’s engagements with each other, upper management, and most importantly, your customers.

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