Build your emotional intelligence with the help of the world leading experts.

Genos International open programs are expertly facilitated in a live, virtual format. Join other professionals in effective and engaging training from the comfort of home or work.

Lead, Empower and Thrive with Emotional Intelligence

Designed specifically for people leaders, this program uses emotional intelligence to improve leader’s self-awareness, empathy, influence and wellbeing.

Leader as Coach

This program takes an evidence-based approach to helping leaders become powerful, emotionally intelligent coaches that get the best out of people.

Science of Wellbeing

Improve mental, physical, social and environmental wellbeing. This program is built on the science of behaviour change and healthy habit formation.

Leading Psychological Safety

Gain practical tools and techniques to enhance psychological safety at work and ensure a safe, inclusive and positive workplace. From team members to team leaders – it’s everyone’s responsibility to help enhance psychological safety.

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Applied EI uses emotional intelligence to help people better connect, communicate and collaborate with others. It equips individual contributors and aspiring leaders with the relationship management skills required to facilitate effective team culture.

Get Certified and get ground-breaking Genos Digital

Genos Certified practitioners gain access to this industry first digital learning tool. Developed for those that require finely tuned people skills, Genos Digital provides a self-paced emotional intelligence assessment and development experience. The digital application involves an award wining emotional intelligence assessment followed by development videos and learning exercises that help you turn results into a sound development plan.

Calculate ROI

You can calculate how much you can save by investing in the emotional intelligence development of your workforce. This online tool provides an instant ROI calculation in real dollar terms, from assessing and developing the EI of your staff.

Our Clients

From start-ups to sports teams and the fortune 500, Genos International is trusted by leading organisations around the world.

I have seen improvements in behaviour that have increased the bottom line with sales reps. From a management perspective, increased skills that have lead to more buy-in, acceptance, spirit improved, and better communication.

Sanofi-Aventis, Sales Manager in the Sales Development Assessment Program

As far as life changing for me, the first thing I want to say is THANK YOU. I’ve had a really trying year so far with some challenging life and work situations. Without the emotional intelligence program, I would have handled these situations a lot differently and probably very poorly.

Thanks for the Ignite program, I’ve been able to work some stuff out in a calm professional manner with better communication. I still have some ongoing matters but I feel confident that I will handle everything with better emotional intelligence moving forward.

Cargotec participant, in the Ignite Program

Case Studies

Read how Genos Emotional Intelligence was game-changing for these businesses, and life-changing for their people.

The impact of EI development in just 1 year


EI in leadership and employee engagement


How EI improvements boosted sales revenue


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Genos International is proud to celebrate 20 years of bringing emotional intelligence to workplaces across the globe. Learn how EI has evolved over time, and where it is headed in the future.

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