People worldwide are demanding psychological safety at work. Australia has already undergone significant legal changes regarding an employer’s duty of care, with similar transformations possible in New Zealand. Breaching these regulations has legal consequences, but the moral, reputational, and cultural fallout could be far worse.

Leading Psychological Safety by Genos International

In this webinar, learn about our Leading Psychological Safety Program. Discover how it helps develop emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours and a culture of respectful dialogue where people can:

– Express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions;
– Advocate for fair treatment when they witness or experience unfair treatment;
– Address unproductive behaviours and discuss challenges affecting work;
– Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities;
– Engage in constructive conflict to drive productive debates.

Learn the different modes of course delivery, complimentary assessments, and where it fits in your overall psychological safety strategy.

Facilitated by world leader in EI

Leading Psychological Safety is designed by global emotional intelligence leader and architect of the multi award winning Genos Emotional Intelligence model, Dr Ben Palmer. Dr Palmer has been at the forefront of providing game-changing emotional intelligence services to iconic organisations worldwide, such as IBM, Pfizer, Rio Tinto, Laing O Rourke, and Qantas. Through his work with leaders and professionals, he has invaluable insight into how EI significantly improves staff performance, customer satisfaction, profitability, psychological safety and more.

Who should attend

Any Business, HR, Safety or Learning & Development officer that wants to build a psychologically safe workplace culture.

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