How to purchase tokens

To initiate a Genos emotional intelligence assessment, you will need to pre-purchase tokens. This article provides information about and how to complete this process.

What are tokens and why use them?

The “tokens” feature has been implemented to provide a simpler way of accounting for usage on Genos Surveys.

The primary benefits of the token system are:

  1. Access to volume discounts.
  2. Fewer transactions (one purchase of tokens can cover multiple surveys).
  3. Simplicity when participants are being added to or removed from groups.
  4. The ability to pre-purchase assessment credit.

How are tokens used?

Once tokens have been enabled for your client, you will need to have a sufficient number of tokens to add participants to a survey group. When adding participants to a survey group, tokens will be deducted at the following rates:

  • Self-managed Self Report: 15 tokens
  • Genos-managed Self Report: 17 tokens
  • Self-managed 180 Report: 30 tokens
  • Genos-managed 180 Report: 34 tokens
  • Self-managed 360 Report: 40 token
  • Genos-managed 360 Report: 46 tokens

Tokens are sold in batches and each batch of tokens has an expiry date, which is two years from the date of purchase.

Tokens are deducted at the aforementioned rates whenever a participant is added to a survey group. If a participant is removed from a survey group before their report has been downloaded then the tokens related to that participant will be re-instated. However, once a report has been downloaded for a participant, tokens will not be re-instated if that participant is subsequently removed from the group.

How to purchase tokens?

If you were certified by Genos Australia, please email and mention the number of reports, report type, and whether it would be Self-managed or Genos-managed project to pre-purchase tokens.

If you were Certified by a Genos distributor partner (outside of Australia), please contact your local Genos distributor to purchase tokens.

Tokens are sold in batches. In order to qualify for volume discounts, a batch of tokens with a total value of $10,000 or more must be purchased in a single transaction. Flexible payment terms can be arranged for purchases over $25,000.

To calculate how many tokens you would like to purchase based on the number of reports you need, please visit the Token Pricing Calculator. This calculator will provide you with an instant quote and lists the volume pricing options.

Once you have calculated the quantity of tokens, please email us at with the given information and the tokens will be credited to your Genos Surveys account on or before the next business day (i.e., within 24 hours, excluding weekends).

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