Would you like to refresh your knowledge of emotional intelligence and be up-to-date on all the Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment and development products available to you? If so, this one-day Refresher course is perfect for you.

Refresher Course Overview


Genos Certification Refresher – Introduction

This course has been designed to help you confidently and competently utilise the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments in coaching, learning and development, and organisational development work.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

01. Discuss the business case for emotional intelligence.

02. Deliver a one-hour emotional intelligence introduction session and a one-day Applied Emotional Intelligence program.

03. Discuss the Genos 6-factor model of Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour and Leadership competencies.

04. Discuss the Workplace Behaviour and Leadership Assessments and their unique features.

05. Debrief the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour and Leadership 360 Feedback Reports.

Note: Catering is provided throughout the day.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed as a refresher for people who have completed the Genos Certification program.

Client Testimonials

The new products are an excellent 'up-step' for our clients. I am really looking forward to using them.

Gary Eaton - Eaton Mills Training

Ian did a great job of tailoring the day to address all of our requirements.

Robin Bradfield - Axis People Development

Ian's manner in facilitating the program enables participants to ask questions throughout - always accepting their comments - and he paces the day according to how the group is travelling. He is very affirming and warm in his approach, and again it has been a pleasure to participate in the day in which I have gained a clearer understanding of the E.I. assessment tools.
Monica O'Toole

I really enjoyed Ian's style, inclusive, respectful and measured in his responses to questions. The energy in the workshop was positive and the vibe was relaxed, engaging and conducive to a positive learning experience. I feel my skills with facilitating and coaching EI have been enhanced and I have some new tools in the tool kit!

Paula Cunniffe

Ian was one the best facilitators I have had the pleasure of being in a workshop with for ages, He has a very calm supportive style. The course was excellent and his level of knowledge is exceptional.
Thanks Ian, I had 10 coaching sessions for the 360 Leadership Profile this week and they went really well thanks to your advice.

Mechelle Moore - Learning Moore

It was an enjoyable and valuable day. Ian was well prepared and did a great job making progress through all the required certification areas.
Mary Mangos - Appian

Just wanted to say the workshop yesterday was great. It gave me lots of information, and things to think about and follow up. Ben's style of presentation is very relaxed but extremely professional, and he provides links to the latest research in the field. Venue was wonderful, great view and food was exceptional. Also very convienient to the transport. I have come away with renewed enthusian to go and get clients who need GENOS.

Linda Kirkwood - Lennox Leadership Development

Wonderful day and love the new model.

Dr John Hurley


Regsiter your attendance

Alternative method of renewal

If you have not met your annual requirement of debriefs or professional development attendence, attending a One-day Certification Refresher Course will automatically renew your Certification status for 12 months after attending.

However, if you are unable to attend the course, we have recorded webinars and videos downloadable from the Member Portal that you may use to refresh your Certification.

The following steps will can be made to renew your certification without attending a Refresher course:


01. Become familiar with the new report

By watching one of our recorded webinars providing an overview of the Workplace Behaviour Feedback 360 Report, or the Leadership Feedback 360 Report. This step is especiialy important for practitioners who have not been introduced to the 6-factor model and new report structure.
Recorded webinars are located in the Member Portal.


02. Learn the 8-step debrief process

Used when debriefing the Leadership or Workplace Behaviour Assessments by watching our 5-part Video Series on Debriefing Genos EI Reports.
Videos are located in the Member Portal.


03. Complete a case-study debrief

Using a 360 degree assessment report. After reviewing our online resources, please fill out the form below to book in a debrief with a Genos Master Trainer.
This booking will cost $300 + GST and upon successful completion and payment of your case-study, will refresh your Genos Certification for 12 months.

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