Complimentary resources available to Certified Practitioners

This video, recorded from one of our Professional Development online events, will overview the library of free resources, programs and online courses available to Genos EI Certified Practitioners.

Genos Professional Development events are designed to keep our certified network of practitioners informed about product updates and to support best practice use of our assessments.

The member portal is constantly being updated with tools that will assist you in engaging your team or clients with the Genos products and programs. The resource portal has everything you need in order to run our emotional intelligence enhancement programs.

It includes online courses:

  • Genos EI Certification Course
  • Debriefing Genos EI Reports
  • Group-debriefing Genos EI Reports
  • Genos Surveys Administrator Tutorials

It includes practitioner resources:

  • For running (multiple types of) introduction to EI activities
  • Assessment project preparation information and support

It includes Genos Surveys resources:

  • System information
  • Project management
  • Option to purchase assessment tokens/credits

It includes facilitation resources for the following programs:

  • EI Leader
  • Resilient Leader
  • Engaging Leader
  • Mindful Leader
  • Ignite

Sample reports, marketing materials, articles can also be found here.

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  1. I’m loving the member resources that you’ve created – what an incredible support!!! Thank you so much to the team for pulling all this together and making it so easily available.


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