Service Options

There are two service options for the administration of Genos online assessments and surveys: Self-managed and Genos-managed. These two options are outlined below.

Assessment credit, known as tokens, are pre-purchased and added to your account in order to run any Self- managed or Genos-managed assessment or program. Quotes for volume pricing can be obtained using our tokens pricing calculator, available in the Member Portal.

Read more about purchasing tokens

Self-managed service

Genos customers have the option set up and manage their own assessment surveys.

Upon completion of the Genos EI Certification Program, you will be provided with access to the Genos Surveys platform.

Genos Surveys is user-friendly. Accessible from the platform is a User Guide in which there are series of Video Tutorials teaching new administrators how to use the platform, create surveys and manage them on a day-to-day basis. Genos also provides support via the phone and email to administrators.

This service allows you to download the completed reports or customised workbooks and do your own printing. We recommend you try thermal binding to create your booklets, in which case a file format can be provided to assist with this method.

Genos-managed service

If you prefer to outsource survey management or printing, the Genos-managed service includes:

  • survey creation, monitoring and status updates.

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  1. Jianan YANG

    I am looking for an instrument to test EI in workplace, Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory – Concise is ideal for me.
    my question is, do I have to be certified to use it? or is there an option that you provide service to interpret the result of EI for me so there is no need for me to get certified.


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