Genos Emotional Intelligence Programs utilise cutting-edge content, assessments, frameworks and tools to produce enduring, practical behavioral change.

Emotional Intelligence Programs

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An Introduction

All our programs transfer cutting edge content, assessments, frameworks, and tools into practical behavioral change that endures and has impact. Programs present a holistic approach to development by improving a foundational set of skills that create greater personal and inter-personal success within and outside of the workplace. That’s why we call them game changing for business and life changing for people.

In addition to the programs detailed below, Genos can train you in how to deliver them to your clients or create customised versions of them. All the programs listed below come in Train-the-Trainer formats. Our programs have been expertly designed, tested and shown to deliver tangible improvements in business outcomes.


An emotional intelligence development program designed to:

01. Improve self-awareness and resilience

02. Help people engage in change

03. Improve how people facilitate challenging conversations

04. Enhance team work and collaboration

05. Improve employee engagement and morale

06. Enhance leadership effectiveness

If you are looking to improve the performance of your business by improving one or more of the above then this program may benefit you.

The value proposition

Ignite is an emotional intelligence enhancement program for leaders at all levels. It is a personal transformation program that develops core emotional intelligence and improves individuals’ leadership, impact, influence and resilience as a result. Implemented across a division, function, or your organisation, it will improve productivity, collaboration, innovation, your capacity to drive change, team work and customer service.

The Ignite Program comprises a blend of different learning experiences to produce lasting results. There are six core modules of the program. Each session, delivered in a two hour, professionally facilitated format, includes:

01. Relevant pre-work

02. Cutting edge research

03. Inspirational content

04. Experiential scenarios

05. Practice applications of practical, applicable models and techniques

06. On-the-job applications

It is through the combination of the learning methodologies, learning journey structure, assessments before and after the program and on-the-job applications of practical models and techniques that participants experience enduring improvements in their emotional intelligence.

One-day and Two Day Programs

These programs help participants explore and practice tools and techniques for applying emotional intelligence at work. The tools and techniques can also be applied outside of the workplace with friends and family. Applying the theory, tools and techniques explored in this workshop will help people to improve their:

01. Emotional self-awareness

02. Understanding of others emotions and how to positively influence them

03. Capacity to effectively handle difficult conversations

04. Resilience

05. Capacity to help others in stressful situations.

These programs are suitable as an introduction to emotional intelligence or as a component that can be built into a larger employee development program.

Motivating and Engaging Your Team

Most leaders know that at the heart of every productive and successful business lies a thriving organisational culture – an environment where hard working people collaborate intensely and passionately to produce great results. Because this culture is difficult to achieve and replicate, it’s also seen as a critical lever of sustainable competitive advantage. Most leaders recognise “keeping people engaged, motivated and committed” as a critical part of their function.

However, most leaders will also tell you that motivating employees and keeping them engaged isn’t so easy a task. Many factors influence an individual’s motivation ranging from day-to-day tasks, right through to the working styles of colleagues. What is motivating for one can be de-motivating for others.

This program equips leaders with:

01. An in-depth understanding of employee engagement and why it’s important to an organisation’s performance,

02. Insight into how engaged they are personally, and what they can do to enhance their own engagement

03. A tool kit, process, and techniques for facilitating effective individual engagement reviews with staff.

Target Audience

Frontline to senior leaders who want to motivate their staff and drive not only better employee performance, but also higher levels of employee satisfaction and success.


One day facilitated workshop including:

01. A personal motivation assessment as pre-work

02. Inspirational content

03. Participative methods

04. Experiential scenarios

05. Role-play based applications

06. Post-program action learning project.

Learning outcomes

Participants leave the workshop being able to:

01. Effectively conduct individual engagement reviews.

02. Lead staff with a more motivating leadership style.

03. Drive higher levels of performance, satisfaction and success with their staff.

Rolled out across the leadership group of an organisation, this program creates a shared ownership model for improving employee engagement. A model where individual contributors and leaders both take responsibility for improving engagement within themselves, their colleagues and the company.

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