The Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI) Certification Program is specially designed to make you the expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Certification Program Overview


Genos Certification – Introduction

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program is specially designed to make you the expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Further to this, you will learn from internationally recognised experts who develop and apply emotional intelligence with Fortune 500 companies every day.

You will leave the certification program being able to:

  • Design and sell emotional intelligence solutions to clients
  • Develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results
  • Provide practical tools and techniques for applying and being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace
  • Design and deliver group emotional intelligence development sessions

Who Should Attend

The Genos EI Certification Program is designed for learning and organisational development professionals, human resource consultants or managers, executive coaches, and organisational psychologists.


Before the Course

Before the course, you will be invited to complete your own Genos 360° Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour Feedback Assessment.

Course: Day One

  • The Science of Emotions
  • Emotional Intelligence and the 6 Skills
  • The Business Case
  • Assessment Overview
  • Best Approaches to Assessment and Debriefing
  • Assessment Options
  • Interpeting Results
  • Debriefing Results

Course: Day Two

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and the 6 Skills
  • Features of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report
  • Leadership Assessment Options
  • Best Approaches to Assessment and Debriefing
  • Group Debriefs
  • Alternative Measures
  • Successful Project Execution
  • Certification Next Steps

Note: The two-day course is fully catered throughout each day.

After the Course

After the Course, one of the Genos Master Trainers will complete a debrief with you, providing you with your personalised 360° Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report and Development Tips Workbook.

Finally, to complete your Certification, you will be given the opportunity to debrief the results of a sample 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report with another Genos Master Trainer who will act out the character in the scenario. You will be provided feedback on the debrief session, with the ultimate goal of ensuring you are able to apply the Genos Emotional Assessment tools effectively and confidently.


Upon successful completion of the program you will be able to:

  • Explain the Genos model of emotional intelligence
  • Discuss the Genos emotional intelligence assessments and their unique features, including developing emotional intelligence in comparison to other measures
  • Discuss the business case for emotional intelligence
  • Design effective emotional intelligence development solutions
  • Facilitate an interpretation of assessment results
  • Facilitate a development plan
  • Execute an emotional intelligence assessment project
  • Facilitate an introductory emotional intelligence session


The benefits of becoming a Genos Certified Practitioner:

  • Association with the most well-recognised and respected organisation for applying emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Access to an international network of over a thousand certified learning, organisational development, human resources and executive coaching professionals
  • Access to our members-only resource portal, containing all of our latest presentations, workshops, proposals, marketing material, case studies and research
  • Support from leading experts in the field including academics and highly-experienced practitioners

ICF Recognition

ICF Certification

International Coach Federation certified coaches can earn 10 Core Competency hours and 4 Resource Development hours by completing the Genos EI Certification Program.

Client Testimonials

I found the Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification program to be extremely valuable and the facilitator provided a thought provoking and insightful two days of learning. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments and associated support materials developed by Dr Ben Palmer have immediate and practical workplace application. As an organisation we have found the Genos assessments to be hugely beneficial as a means to support leadership development.

Tim Horman - CitiPower and Powercor

My experience of the Genos EI Certification was that it was a very good course and a highly enjoyable program. The trainer was excellent, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group. The resources and support provided by Genos made me confident I would be able to begin using the tool with my key clients right away.

Louise Amos - Hudson

The Genos program is a must for all leaders. Emotional intelligence is a starting skill for all leaders and sales managers wanting to strengthen their development. The Genos offering is as good as it gets. Having participated in and observed many EI offerings, I can assure you the Genos offering is world class. Brilliantly facilitated by Ian Hamilton, with his measured approach, combining theory and role plays, my team and myself were enlightened as we both became practitioners and learnt about ourselves as leaders. All leaders need EI training. Especially Sales managers. The Genos EI program is the best.

Tim Brennan - GlaxoSmithKline

A very professional and worthwhile program.

Rod Hattch - Wisdom

I thought it was a well put together course with great tools and fantastic support by the team the whole way through.

Janine Lay-Flurrie - 100 Mums

It was a great 2 day course with well delivered solid content. I am looking forward to my next delivery of Manage People Effectively program at AIM and to debrief as a one on one when the opportunity arises.

Peter Cullen - Mindforce Australia Pty Ltd

Genos provided very professional materials to emphysis EI concept ,Especially emphasis related to workplace, it's very practical support to enhance collaborative leadership.
Ian Hamilton have deep insights into EI behavior, good listening and asking high quality questions during facilitation and report debriefing.

Li Ying - Eli Lilly and Company


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