Emotional Intelligence
Certification Program

Emotional Intelligence Certification Program

Emotional intelligence is one of the most in-demand job skills for professionals at all levels, yet there is a remarkable deficit. Genos Certification gives learning and development trainers and coaches, inhouse and independent, an opportunity to expertly assess and develop these skills independently.

Join a Genos International Certification Program and gain insight from recognised experts who develop and apply emotional intelligence with Fortune 500 companies every day. Learn how to measure and develop workplace behaviours against an award-winning model of emotional intelligence. And ultimately foster exceptional personal and professional outcomes.


Administer game-changing assessments

Design and sell emotional intelligence solutions to internal stakeholders or clients.

Learn how to run world class emotional intelligence assessments covering workplace behaviours, leadership, sales, and selection.

Deliver simple self-assessments or complex multi-level assessments to teams or groups.

Use world’s only dual benchmarking system to measure emotional intelligence against both global research and internal expectations.


Deliver life-changing results

Provide practical tools and techniques for applying and being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace.

Develop emotional intelligence in individuals or teams by debriefing their assessment results.

Generate group reports to gain insight into the emotional intelligence of an entire team.

Deliver innovative reporting and learning experiences with Genos Digital.


Join the talented and diverse global community of Genos Certified Practitioners.

Access the world’s leading and award-winning emotional intelligence tools and programs.

Program Structure

Three learning stages expertly designed by the world leaders in the field, based on extensive global research.

Emotional Self-Awareness
Your own 360º workplace behaviour assessment.

Get to know the assessment personally by completing it. Following the course, a Genos Master Trainer will complete a debrief with you, including a personalised 360º Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report and Development Tips Workbook. Listen carefully, when you’re a Genos Certified Practitioner, you’re the one providing the feedback to others.


Emotional Self-Awareness
A thorough course with a Genos Master Trainer

– The Neuroscience of Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
– The Genos Models of Emotional Intelligence
– The Psychometric Properties of the Genos Assessment
– Interpreting and Debriefing Genos Assessment Results
– Developing Client Based Emotional Intelligence Development Plans
– Group Based Debriefing of Results
– Genos Emotional Intelligence Development Programs
– Interpreting and Presenting Emotional Intelligence Data
– Managing an Assessment Project

Emotional Self-Awareness
Case study debrief with a Genos Master Trainer

Debrief the results of a sample 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report under the guidance of a Genos Master Trainer. Your trainer will act out the character in the scenario. You will be provided feedback on the debrief session, with the ultimate goal of ensuring you are able to apply the Genos Emotional Assessment tools effectively and confidently.

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If you are in Australia, register below. Find all other courses in North America, Europe / UK or look up your local Genos distributor.

Self Paced Online Certification

Click here to register for the self-paced online certification

Face-to-face Certification

See our face-to-face training dates here.

Live Virtual Certification

See our live virtual training dates here

In-house Certification

Recommended for in-house T&D or HR execs. Contact us to schedule.

Get training. Genos Certified Practitioners can:

  • Explain the Genos models of emotional intelligence
  • Discuss the Genos emotional intelligence assessments and their unique features
  • Discuss the business case for emotional intelligence
  • Facilitate a Genos assessment report debrief
  • Design effective emotional intelligence development solutions
  • Use Genos Digital for an interactive assessment report and learning experience
  • Facilitate an interpretation of assessment results
  • Facilitate a development plan
  • Execute an emotional intelligence assessment project
  • Facilitate an introductory emotional intelligence session

Get connected. Genos Certified Practitioners get access to our member’s only portal:

  • How to sell and use EI assessments
  • EI assessment tools
  • Enhancement programs
  • EI Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Proposals
  • Marketing material
  • Case studies
  • Research

Join the Genos International Community of Certified Practitioners

Access thousands of certified learning, organisational development, human resources and executive coaching professionals.

Based on research and our own evidence of impact, our company has decided to focus on the use of the GENOS programs and assessment tools when working with clients and organisations to improve the leadership impact of their leaders at all levels and in their development of a high performing culture within the organisation.

Embedding the GENOS Assessment tools in our programs provides the participants with a powerful tool for reflection on their personal leadership cababilities and allows them to shape a solid professional goal to help them grow their leadership impact.

Our coaches find the use of the GENOS Assessment tools with those they mentor a high impact process opening opportunities for deep coaching conversations, growth and goal setting. We continue to receive fantastic feedback from participants on the use of the GENOS Assessment tools, looking at their leadership through the lens of EI allows them to really extend their leadership behaviours.
Neil McDonald, Chief Executive Officer
I can honestly say that the program has been amazing. It has opened my eyes to the enormous potential inside us all, when we are given clear and concise feedback around Emotional Intelligence and the strategies and support to make changes.

The online/remote delivery of the program was fun as well as informative. I feel well equipped to support others to consider their personal EI report and to develop key insights into actions for change.
Pam Thibou-Martin
I completed the virtual certification program and found the experience to be very focused and highly relevant for providing debriefs to our clients. The program presentation provided strong modelling examples throughout and several opportunities for me to practice with the facilitator and my colleague.

I greatly appreciated this experience and would recommend this program.
Gerard O’Connor, Director
I completed the virtual certification program and found the experience to be very focused and highly relevant for providing debriefs to our clients. The program presentation provided strong modelling examples throughout and several opportunities for me to practice with the facilitator and my colleague.

David and Ian were incredibly generous with their time and focus regarding my questions in all three phases of the accreditation process. I feel confident following David’s debrief and my work with Ian that Genos will become a central component of my work.
Tim Harper
I have facilitated and placed Genos programs into organisations at the Local, State and Federal government sectors, targeting frontline supervisors, middle managers and emerging leaders as well as executive level teams over the last decade.

Consistently my facilitators will commend the programs for personal impact, while the organisations note the importance to culture and leadership development more broadly.
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