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New and existing Genos Certified Practitioners can sign up to one or more live webinars for free. Each monthly session runs for 1-hour, 10am – 11am AEST.

Each session is focused on how to use a different Genos International product. Learn how it works, and when and how to use it.

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2024 Product Knowledge Sessions

Personalised, self paced EI learning with Genos GROW.

Genos GROW is a world first. It’s a web-based, personalised emotional intelligence learning platform based on the award-winning Genos International emotional intelligence model. It can be used on-demand, in 1-1 coaching, team coaching or live virtual workshops.

Through an interactive learning platform Genos Grow helps people develop life changing emotional intelligence skills either on their own, with a coach, in a program with a facilitator or with a colleague be that a peer, their boss or a direct report. It presents an exciting opportunity for coaches, facilitators and learning professionals to implement on-demand learning. Learn how to activate the tool for clients, monitor, report, customise and manage support requests.

A transformative approach to feedback reports using Genos Digital.

Genos Digital is a powerful learning experience which has been designed to build efficiency into the process of transforming assessment report feedback into a set of actionable behaviours. It provides interactive content such as videos, smart processes, and practical development steps to support your debriefs and help your clients move from insights to action when reviewing their assessment report feedback.

In this session we will:

  • Guide you through the key features of Genos Digital Reports
  • Demonstrate how to provide your clients with a digital version of their assessment report feedback
  • Overview of its science-based approach to action planning
  • Show you how to review your client’s action plan and manage reactions to their feedback.

The Genos Digital Reports course will run from 10am-11am AEST on 5 March and 10 September 2024.

Supercharge assessment projects with Genos Group Reports.

Genos offer a range of complimentary group reports designed to supercharge your assessment projects. Whether you are seeking to aggregate the results of a group to identify their strengths and areas for team development or wanting to examine the changes in demonstrated Emotional Intelligence between Time 1 and Time 2 assessments.

Group reports offer a strategic lens that helps you identify learning needs or report on Return on Investment. Learn how to utilise our range of complimentary group reports for maximum strategic impact. The Genos Group Reports course will run from 10am-11am AEST on 9 April and 8 October 2024.

Measure what matters: workplace culture and return on investment.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. In this live virtual course, you’ll learn how to put two powerful Genos International measurement tools to work for deep insights into culture and return on investment.

Genos Emotional Culture Index (ECI)

Learn how you use the Genos ECI to help your clients understand the emotional culture of their organisations.

We all experience a wide range of pleasant and unpleasant feelings at work as we interact with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others. These feelings influence our decisions, behaviour and performance. The Genos ECI has been designed to measure three dimensions of emotions at work, these being:

  • How often your people experience certain feelings at work,
  • How often your people think it’s fair and reasonable to experience these feelings at work given the nature and context of your workplace, and
  • How often your people think they should ideally experience these feelings in your workplace in order to be effective.

At a collective level these emotions impact the bottom line and through Genos ECI your clients will have an accurate lens on the way their employees are feeling and insights into areas for culture development.

Return on Investment Calculator

Could an emotionally intelligent team deliver higher returns? Learn how to use the Genos Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to find out. The Genos ROI calculator provides an estimate of the likely returns from assessing and developing the emotional intelligence of a group. It is based on our published research on the relationship between levels of emotional intelligence and employee performance using advanced statistical techniques to estimate, with a high degree of confidence, the likely return you’ll receive. In this product knowledge session, you will learn how to use the Genos ROI calculator including the data you need to make accurate ROI calculations and how to present a business case and value proposition of emotional intelligence to your clients or stakeholders.

The Measure What Matters course will run from 10am-11am AEST on 4 June and 8 October 2024.

Recruitment with Genos Selection.

This product knowledge session demonstrates how to use the Genos EI Selection Assessment to help you make the right hiring decisions. Designed specifically for recruitment purposes, and in particular external hires, the Genos Selection assessment incorporates sophisticated measures of socially desirable responding and how frequently a candidate demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours.

Whether you are looking to inform a job screening process or build a set of behavioural based interview questions, the Genos Selection Assessment is a vital tool to embed in your recruitment processes.

Gain insight into how you use the Genos Selection Assessment and add value to your external recruitment process.

The Genos Selection Assessment course will run from 10am-11am AEST on 2 July 2024.

Get to know your trainer
Ian Hamilton – National Director
Client Services at Genos International

Ian has a rich background in learning and development with over 35 years industry experience. Ian is a master trainer with Genos International and has been for over 12 years, facilitating the Genos Certification Program and delivering development programs across the entire suite of Genos products.

Ian has a wealth of knowledge in the Human Resources space and is a passionate coach, speaker and training designer.


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