Terms and Conditions

For Certified Practitioners

Being certified means you have been trained to use the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment instruments and are licensed to buy and use Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment instruments with your immediate clients in the country in which you were certified. You are not able to certify others to buy and use the Genos Assessment instruments from you for use with their immediate clients. Your Certification does extend internationally, however Genos Assessments will need to be purchased from the Genos Distributor within the country you are running the assessments. Please contact us if you need to find your local distributor.

Maintaining Your Genos Certificate

Professional and competent use of the Genos assessment tools comes from continued learning about their use, discussion and networking with other Certified Practitioners and continued real-world experiences of their use. As such, to maintain your Certification, all Practitioners need to debrief a minimum of three (3) EI Reports in a 12-month period and attend at least one Professional Development Evening each calendar year or attend a webinar. In addition to these requirements, Genos also requires Certified Practitioners to hold professional indemnity insurance.

Bookings for Events

Upon registering for the Certification Program, cancelations and refunds are provided only in extenuating circumstances. You may transfer your booking to a future Course date without penalty by advising Genos provided you do so at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the course on which you are booked.

Bookings for Debriefs

As part of the Genos EI Certification program, you will be debriefed over the phone by one of our facilitators on your own 360-degree assessment report. Additionally, you will be required to debrief one of our facilitators over the phone in order to finalise the process and receive your certification. Except in the case of extenuating circumstances, a rebooking fee will be incurred if you request to reschedule a debrief.

Genos-Managed Service

If you are a Certified Practitioner who would prefer to outsource report administration, survey management and printing, Genos-Managed is the best option for you. Our survey management team will set up and monitor your projects, keep you updated with status reports and make sure your reports are ready on time. Once complete, we will post your printed reports and/or program workbooks to the location of your choice via express post. Survey management, printing and delivery are all included in the price of each report. To place an order for a Genos-Managed survey, all you need to do is complete a Survey Request Form.


Whilst we will always try to set up a Genos-managed survey the day it is requested, during peak periods this may not be possible. If we cannot set up a Genos-managed survey the day it is requested, we will guarantee to set it up the next business day.

  • Timing – For groups of 5 or more people, you MUST allow 2-3 weeks for a 180-degree or 360-degree survey so that people have adequate time to respond. Failure to allow enough time will reduce the amount of feedback that is collected, which will significantly reduce the usefulness of the reports. You will also need to allow a day or two for printing. It would also be worthwhile educating other staff who have influence over timelines (e.g. sales people) so that appropriate expectations are set with clients and unrealistically short survey timelines are avoided.
  • Incomplete Reports – If your survey is being managed by Genos, we will process all reports in a single batch after the survey has closed and deliver them according to the date you originally requested. If the participant did not complete their survey tasks, they will be provided with a sample of the report that is being used in the program. If they would like to re-do the assessment (at no extra cost) please notify support@genosinternational.com and a new Survey Request Form submission will be required.
  • If the participant would like to complete the assessment later, a new Survey Request will need to be submitted to schedule a new survey.
  • Facilitators – Some facilitators find it helpful to review the reports the afternoon before the workshop, so consider forwarding them the email that contains the details to download the soft copies of the reports.
  • Email Addresses – Every person using Genos Surveys MUST have their own, unique email address. Although generic email addresses are discouraged (e.g. sales@acme.com.au), they can be used but only by one person and cannot be re-used by someone else in the future.
  • Additional participants – We will happily add participants to a survey that is already in progress, but as per the policy stated above, if the deadline needs to be extended to accommodate late entrants then the entire batch will be delayed. It is imperative that you inform your client of this policy at the outset of the survey.
  • Re-opening a survey – Occasionally Genos is asked to re-open a survey and re-print a report so that the feedback of an additional rater can be included. If the original report has already been shown to the subject then re-printing their report with additional feedback will compromise the anonymity of the additional rater, therefore Genos will not process such a request in this case.