Genos Digital

Genos Digital

An interactive staff emotional intelligence report

Genos Digital is a powerful learning experience that transforms emotional intelligence report feedback into a set of actionable behaviours. People receive critical feedback in a positive way, with tips on how to better demonstrate EI in any workplace situation.

Genos Digital provides interactive content including videos, smart processes and practical development steps. Participants watch videos to understand the Genos EI competencies and can create an action plan as they proceed through the report.

This innovative tool is an industry first, designed for people in roles that require fine tuned people skills.

Available to all Genos Certified Practitioners

All Genos Assessment Feedback Reports can be delivered in traditional PDF format OR via the Genos Digital Report Application. Genos Digital does the emotional intelligence assessment debriefing for you. This allows you to pay attention to and focus on helping people bring their action plan to life. 

Watch how Genos Digital works

Participants can connect with their coach, manager and others within their group to support their learning development.

Upskill an individual, team or an entire workforce. How to give feedback on emotional intelligence is no longer a concern. Genos Digital makes any feedback positive by linking it to more lessons, insights and actions for change.

Use with Genos emotional intelligence assessments

Genos Digital is an actionable way for people to receive feedback and a great way for HR and T&D leaders to provide constructive feedback. It is available to use with any Genos emotional assessment tool including:

EI Workplace Behaviour Self Report
180° EI Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report
360° EI Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report
EI Leadership Self Report
180° EI Leadership Feedback Report
360° EI Leadership Feedback Report
EI Sales Behaviour Self Report
180° EI Sales Behaviour Feedback Report
360° EI Sales Behaviour Feedback Report

Get certified today
Get certified today
Enquire about how Genos Digital works
Enquire about how Genos Digital works

EI At Work: Latest Episode

Genos International is proud to celebrate 20 years of bringing emotional intelligence to workplaces across the globe. Learn how EI has evolved over time, and where it is headed in the future.

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