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Game-changing for business. Life-changing for people.

Smart organisations know what the World Economic Forum is now telling us – Emotional Intelligence is in the top 10 most required job skills for now and the future. Genos International specializes in the assessment and development of emotional intelligence in the workplace. We use emotional intelligence to help people enhance how they connect, communicate, and collaborate with others.

Transforming these essential people skills at work also makes a difference to peoples’ relationships outside of the workplace. People become better parents, partners, siblings, and friends. That’s why our work is Game changing for business. Life changing for people.






Lives changed

Our Clients

From start-ups to sports teams and the fortune 500, Genos International is trusted by leading organisations around the world.

Assessments and Reports

Measure and develop workplace behaviours against a world-leading model of emotional intelligence. Choose between simple self-assessments or complex multi-level assessments spanning leadership, workplaces, sales, and selection. Use the results to build EI in individuals or entire teams and foster exceptional personal and professional outcomes.

Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessments

Front line managers to CEOs

Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessments

Individuals or teams in any role

Sales Assessments

Sales Assessments

Sales professionals and teams

Selection Assessment

Selection Assessment

Job candidates

Corporate Programs

Boost emotional intelligence in leaders, staff, or your sales team with a Genos Corporate Program. Following the assessment and development of individuals or an entire team, our programs enhance EI across leadership, workplace behaviours, sales and wellbeing for improved performance and culture.

Genos Certification

If you are in HR, T&D or are an independent coach, you can become a certified Genos practitioner.

Become the expert on EI in your workplace or business.

Run your own EI assessments with Genos International tools.

Develop EI of individuals with personalised practical tools and techniques.

Gain access to the groundbreaking Genos Digital for interactive assessment reports.

EI on Demand

Genos Grow is a powerful learning platform shaping the future of emotional intelligence development. On-demand, interactive and personalised, it takes a unique approach to help people transform their wellbeing and relationships.

Accelerate and deepen a culture of effective communication and collaboration. Grow a productive and psychologically safe workplace.

Case Studies

Read how Genos Emotional Intelligence was game-changing for these businesses, and life-changing for their people.


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EI At Work: Latest Episode

Explore behavioural science with Juliette Tobias-Webb, a leader in applying psychology to real-world challenges. From Antarctic adventures to workplace insights, she champions emotional intelligence and technology’s role in shaping future leadership and organisational success. 

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