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About Genos

Genos International specializes in the assessment and development of emotional intelligence in the workplace. We use emotional intelligence to help people enhance how they connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

Transforming these essential people skills at work also makes a difference to peoples’ relationships outside of the workplace. People become better parents, partners, siblings and friends. That’s why our work is Game changing for business. Life changing for people.






Lives changed

Assess and improve emotional intelligence in the workplace

For better teamwork and opportunities for staff to give and receive feedback

Transform buyer experience

Create positive Customer interactions with salespeople who better regulate emotions, adapt and influence emotions of others.

Introducing Genos Digital

The world’s best behaviour based emotional intelligence feedback is now delivered digitally. This user friendly, interactive and engaging digital tool delivers a powerful learning experience that transforms feedback into a set of actionable behaviours.

Upskill and support an individual, team or entire workforce with Genos digital and watch EI behaviours soar in your organisation.

Calculate how much you can save

by investing in emotional intelligence development

This online tool provides an instant calculation of the ROI from assessing and developing the EI of your staff in dollar terms.

Manage stress and well-being with a resilience program

Implement workplace stress management and increase the well being of leaders and staff in the workplace

Apply emotional intelligence throughout your organisation

This EI program will improve staff productivity, wellbeing, team work, feedback among colleagues and business performance

Measure the emotions staff are experiencing

with the Emotional Climate Index (ECI)

The visual index displays the levels of positive and negative emotions

Increase employee engagement through emotionally intelligent leaders

Enhance employee engagment through effective leadership

Develop emotional intelligence in leadership

For greater leadership effectiveness, staff productivity and business performance

Apply mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the workplace

Improve the focus and attention of leaders and team members

Receive news and event invites

Genos International updates include:

Blog posts, case studies, Genos Surveys updates, Information Security tips, General announcements; and Certification, Practitioner Development and Genos Conference invites.

Recruit staff for the workplace of the future, using a recruitment assessment

To integrate emotional intelligence throughout selection and talent management

Ignite emotional intelligence, leadership, well-being and relationships

Through a combination of learning methodologies, built-in assessments for behavioural change and on-the-job applications

Listen to EI at Work

Are you curious about the difference EI can make? To a NBA basketball team? Or the sales results of a major pharmaceutical? Or whether it can help an insensitive leader become empathetic?

EI at Work explores all this and more, through the stories of those who have experienced the impact personally and professionally. Available now on all leading podcast apps or at Genos International.

Our Clients

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I can honestly say that the program has been amazing. It has opened my eyes to the enormous potential inside us all, when we are given clear and concise feedback around Emotional Intelligence and the strategies and support to make changes.

The online/remote delivery of the program was fun as well as informative. I feel well equipped to support others to consider their personal EI report and to develop key insights into actions for change.

Pam Thibou-Martin


I completed the virtual certification program and found the experience to be very focused and highly relevant for providing debriefs to our clients. The program presentation provided strong modelling examples throughout and several opportunities for me to practice with the facilitator and my colleague.

I greatly appreciated this experience and would recommend this program.

Gerard O’Connor, Director


David and Ian were incredibly generous with their time and focus regarding my questions in all three phases of the accreditation process. I feel confident following David’s debrief and my work with Ian that GENOS will become a central component of my work.

Tim Harper


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