Privacy Policy

When we refer to personal information we mean information or an opinion about you, from which your identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained.

We are committed to promoting confidence in the manner in which your personal information is handled by us. In this regard, we will act ethically and as evidence of this commitment, we will comply with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the National Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended) in relation to the personal information you give to us about you.

  1. Collection

    We will only collect personal information that we need for the purpose of its collection. Generally this will be for professional development, recruitment and selection purposes by potential employers, managing recruitment and human resources processes and any related purpose or where you have consented to the collection.

  2. Use and Disclosure

    We require you to provide certain personal information about yourself in order for us to provide advice to you and/or our clients for recruitment, selection and/or professional development. We may also analyse responses to online surveys hosted by us for research and/or commercial purposes and reserve the right to publish aggregated findings. However, we will not rent, sell or exchange personal information about you to third parties (other than related parties, eg. subsidiaries) except to your employers or potential employers, where you consent; where you would reasonably expect the information to be disclosed or where we are legally required to disclose such information.

  3. Data Quality

    We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information we have about you is accurate, complete and up to date when we use it. Generally, we rely on you to assist us in keeping your personal information accurate and up to date.

  4. Data Security

    We have taken reasonable steps to keep your personal information secure at all times. For example, electronic access is limited to authorised personnel.

    We also take steps to reasonably protect your personal information from misuse and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and maintained in an accurate, complete and up-to-date manner.

  5. Openness

    We will be honest and open with you about the type of personal information that we collect about you and the actual use of any such information. We will let you know at the time we collect your personal information, or soon after, how we will treat it.

    If you require any details of the personal information held by us about you, then please contact us by phone or e-mail.

  6. Access and Correction

    You may request access to the information we have collected about you and obtain a more in depth explanation about how the information is used.

    If you would like access to detailed personal information and such information is not immediately or easily accessible by us, we may charge an administrative fee for our costs in retrieving and supplying the information to you.

    If at any time you wish to change personal information that is incorrect or wish to have your personal information deleted, please contact us. Unless personal information is required to be retained by us for administrative or legal reasons Genos will meet such requests at the earliest possible opportunity.

  7. Identifiers

    We do not require provision of Commonwealth Government Identifiers. Should we, for any reason, have possession of Commonwealth Government Identifiers, we will not use these to identify you.

  8. Transfer of Data

    We take reasonable steps to ensure that if any personal information you give us is transferred outside Australia, that it will remain subject to the protection given by our privacy policy or other legal standards for the protection of personal information that are at least equivalent to the standards set out in this privacy policy.

  9. Sensitive Information

    We do not believe in intrusive collection of your personal details and will not collect information that is considered highly personal or highly sensitive about you without your prior consent.

  10. Complaints Resolution

    We are committed to providing our clients with a fair and responsive system for handling and resolving complaints concerning the handling of their personal information. You have a right to complain and to have your complaint handled efficiently if you are concerned about our handling of your personal information. We believe that in receiving your complaint, we are provided with a valuable opportunity to improve the services we deliver to you and maintain your confidence in our services.

    If at any time you wish to lodge a complaint in respect of the handling, use or disclosure of your personal information by us, you may do so by contacting us directly.

    We aim to investigate and advise you of the outcome of the complaint promptly.

    If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner at:

    Australia Privacy Commissioner
    Privacy Commissioner’s Office
    GPO Box 5218
    Sydney NSW 1042
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