Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Aged Care Quality, Standards and Workers

The Aged Care sector cares for over 1.3 million Australians and has a workforce of over 400,000 people. Residential facilities and home care services are trusted to look after our most loved ones, yet this sizeable and critical sector is failing to fulfill basic duties of care.

In February 2021, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its final report titled, ‘Care, Dignity and Respect’. This revealed harrowing information on the dire state of the sector. From residents being neglected and abused, to staff being untrained and burned out; the shortcomings of Aged Care services are clearer than ever.

Can EI help to improve the quality of care in aged care? Leading aged care provider IRT Group is banking on it.

In this episode of Emotional Intelligence at Work, we are joined by Campbell McGlynn, Executive GM People & Culture at leading aged care provider IRT Group. He has been at the forefront of transforming the organisation into an emotionally effective workplace.

IRT Group’s Leading with Care project has just recently commenced, with a focus on training various levels of management in resilience, self-awareness and more. In just 6 months, IRT and its staff have already begun to see the impact of this change.

Together with EI Expert, Dr Ben Palmer, he highlights the immense emotional labour of the industry, how emotional intelligence can make a real difference, and the results IRT have seen with their EI project.

Tune in for this deeply insightful episode on emotional intelligence in aged care. Learn why the industry needs to view this as a must-have skill, and how it can improve outcomes for workers and residents.

About Campbell McGlynn

About Campbell McGlynn

Campbell McGlynn is the Executive GM People & Culture at IRT Group, one of Australia’s largest community-owned, not-for-profit providers of retirement living, residential aged care and home care.

Campbell has over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources industry. He has extensive expertise in developing and executing people strategy that delivers bottom line benefits.

AT IRT Group, Campbell has been at the forefront of implementing emotional intelligence training through the ‘Leading with Care’ program. He has also been heavily involved in developing the IRT learning academy diploma program to include a core unit on Emotional Intelligence.

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