The cost of hiring the emotionally unintelligent

It’s no secret that Australia has a staff shortage. A shortage so great, The Australian Retailers Association is calling to lower the national minimum working age so that children as young as 13 years old can be put to work to help fill the void.  

And it isn’t just retail feeling the pinch. Businesses across the country are competing for talent. But at what cost?  In a recruitment landscape with a candidate shortage, will hiring for potential fill the gaps?  And if so, does that make emotional intelligence our most crucial asset?   

A mistake you can’t afford to make

In this episode we discuss the recruitment woes of today, exploring the value of emotional intelligence during the recruitment phase, and whether it should be a non-negotiable for businesses navigating Australia’s employment crisis.  

Joining us to tackle these questions and more is Will Ainsley; Chief Operating Officer at employment testing, HR technology and assessment science company, Testgrid.   

Will works closely with clients to uncover their core challenges and develops bespoke solutions to solve their problems.  A respected Sales and Customer Success professional, he has 20 years of customer growth and account management experience in Technology, HR, Talent Management and Managed Services. 

Together with co-hosts Dr Ben Palmer, CEO of Genos International, and Marie El Daghl, Managing Director at marketing and communications agency Chasing Albert, they discuss: 

  • How hard it is to recruit at the moment 
  • Recruitment difficulties and whether this is forcing people to make hiring mistakes  
  • The state of the testing market 
  • The value of EI and psych assessments in recruitment 
  • Current corporate priorities in terms of skills to look at in the recruitment process. What are they willing to sacrifice? 
  • How good interpersonal skills are demonstrated by candidates 
  • Can corporates afford not to test for them? 
  • The percentage of candidates that fail in the probation period, and why. 
  • The cut off points for EI companies are currently using  
  • The cost of hiring the emotionally unintelligent 
  • Cost of EI testing at the recruitment stage, the benefits and what’s involved

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