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Your EI Questions – Answered.

Everyone wants to know more about emotional intelligence, and for good reason.

Over the past decade EI has emerged as a key soft skill for workplaces. It’s been proven to increase workplace productivity, performance, customer loyalty, job satisfaction, stress management and more. It’s even been listed by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 10 required job skills for now and the future.

Find out more on this special episode of EI at Work, where world leading EI expert and Genos International CEO, Dr Ben Palmer answers your questions on all things EI.

Whether you’re a leader, manager or just curious about EI, you’ll learn:

How EI can be developed, measured, and applied to the real world and more!

Since launching EI at Work we’ve received a lot of questions from our listeners in HR, Training and Development, and coaching on the power of EI. In this episode, our resident EI expert and CEO of Genos International Dr Ben Palmer, and co-host Marie El Daghl answer some of the most common and interesting questions we’ve received over the last 6 months.  

[00:00:50] If I want to develop better emotional intelligence, where should I start?  

[00:03:17] I know people who seem to be very low in their EI, and others who are high. Is emotional intelligence an ability that some people have in greater levels than others?  

[00:05:08] Does gender and age influence a person’s emotional intelligence? 

[00:08:31] Can you develop your emotional intelligence through self-study, or do you need to undertake a program? 

[00:09:44] Is it possible to get a measurement of EI like you can with an IQ? 

[00:13:48] Is there a link between personality and emotional intelligence, for example is it easier for an extrovert to be emotionally intelligent than an introvert? 

[00:20:02] I work in HR and want to introduce some form of EI screening into our recruitment processes, particularly for key roles. What advice can you offer on how this has been successfully achieved in other organisations? 

[00:23:06] I’m a semi professional soccer player, playing in the national premier league. I heard your episode on the NBA and found it interesting. I’ve dealt with coaches who lack empathy and have little self-awareness of how their feelings and actions impact the team. My question is – how might developing my own EI help me deal with this? And where would I start? 

[00:28:01] I lead a team of people who are customer facing in their work. Every day I’m drawn into situations where I need to support my team manage customer complaints. I find my work draining and I have a high turnover across my team. Could developing EI be helpful for me and my staff? 

[00:32:43] I’ve been through a Genos assessment and found my feedback very useful. My question is whether Genos offer support to people like me who have received feedback and want to continue their development? 

[00:33:39] I lead a team and would like to support them develop their collective EI. Is Genos able to support the development of a team and how?   

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