Cargotec Case Study: EI is certainly not optional

This case study was presented at the Genos Annual Global Conference, by Nikki Langman, a Learning and Development Specialist at Cargotec – a global cargo handling company. In this video case study, Nikki shares the game changing and life changing impact Genos EI development has had on her company over the first year. 128 participants (91...

Open post improving ROI

Improving EI: What is the best approach and what is the ROI?

Since Peter Salovey and Jack Mayer first introduced the concept of emotional intelligence in 1990, there have been more than 3,000 scientific articles published on it. Collectively, this research suggests that you can improve your emotional intelligence. However, like improving any skill we have, improving emotional intelligence takes time and the systematic practice of applying...

Open post Increased Employee Engagement

Increased Employee Engagement within a large Government agency

BackgroundA large NSW government agency was about to go through a restructure that would affect a large number of people. There was considerable anxiety, uncertainty and stress amongst the workforce that was impacting productivity, decreasing employee engagement and decreasing service levels. The Genos Solution Genos trained a team of internal learning and development facilitators to...

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Open post

Large-Scale Change Projects in the Retail Sector

BackgroundA large Australian iconic retailer with many sub-companies and brands was moving to a shared-services model. Large-scale change projects were being facilitated with the assistance of iconic professional service firms to centralise operational functions such as IT, Finance and Human Resources.As can happen with these types of transformation projects, the announcement and commencement of them...

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