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In a world where change is constant and the future of work is rapidly evolving, the role of emotional intelligence (EI) has never been more important and in demand. With an extensive background as a leadership consultant, Georgia Bolton is increasingly being asked to guide leaders in managing their emotions, building resilience and navigating change.  

A seasoned professional and believer in research backed tools and methodologies, Georgia turned to Genos International for assessment and development tools that can help her achieve her clients’ goals. In this episode, Georgia shares her certification journey, how she used her new EI tools to tackle a hospitality client’s challenge with burnout and conflict and gives insight into the transformative power of EI tools in leadership development.  

In this episode, learn:  

[01:14] About Georgia’s diverse experience as a leadership consultant in various industries and her passion for building psychological skills for leaders. 

[04:50] About the use of emotional intelligence tools and Georgia’s decision to pursue emotional intelligence accreditation. 

[09:15] More on the importance of emotional intelligence as a solution for managing stress and improving performance in organisations. 

[10:35] The impact of technology and remote work on social interactions and the need to navigate and manage the new normal. 

[12:20] Learn about Georgia’s experience with certification, including self-assessment, debriefing, and the importance of feedback for personal growth. 

[19:31] The value of verbatim comments and feedback in assessments for gaining a better understanding of ratings and personal growth opportunities. 

[21:22] The practicality and importance of educating participants on how to complete 360 assessments effectively. 

[22:29] The significance of qualitative comments and recommendations for completing and participating in assessments. 

[28:10] The importance of confidentiality in feedback sharing and the benefits of group reporting for identifying trends. 

[35:29] About the unique insights and practicality of the Genos report in identifying specific behaviours and gaps. 

[41:45] More on the importance of pre and post assessments in measuring the impact of emotional intelligence interventions. 

[44:31] The importance of integrating emotional intelligence into the organisational culture proactively rather than reactively to address well-being and leadership challenges. 

[46:13] About Georgia’s plans to integrate emotional intelligence into leadership programs and collaborate with other facilitators to bring the tools into different spaces. 

About Georgia Bolton

About Georgia Bolton

Georgia is a seasoned leadership coach and consultant with over two decades of experience, partnering with global organisations. Drawing from her background in psychology and a sustained interest in behavioural and applied science, she advocates for leaders to cultivate the psychological skills necessary for constructing resilience, managing emotions, and navigating adeptly through constant change. Her mission is to empower leaders to realise their full potential, leading happier, healthier, and more productive lives. 
Based in regional Victoria, Georgia’s professional trajectory extends globally, encompassing impactful work in Australia, the United States, and throughout the entire Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Her notable collaborations include working with some of the world’s largest companies, where she has played a crucial role in advancing leadership skills and fostering positive cultural shifts.  
Georgia is dedicated to promoting wellbeing, mental health, and resilience building for leaders, providing them with the psychological skills for peak performance.  

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