Employee Engagement Survey

$995 AUD (exc. GST)

Start the year strong with this world class Engagement Survey in your tool kit. Whether it’s for your organisation or business, you will improve your ability to attract and retain staff, drive discretionary effort and improve innovation.

Genos is making its award winning Engagement and Organisational Effectiveness Survey available to HR, L&D, and OD professionals who want to bring this type of service to their clients.

About the Genos Engagement Survey

Pinpoint exactly what a business needs to improve its performance. Whether it’s greater role clarity, process improvement, improved leadership, better performance management or sales force effectiveness, this survey will help you hone in on exactly what a company needs meaning no time or money wasted on initiatives that simply don’t address  core  issues.

The Genos Engagement Survey reveals things like:

  • Where discretionary effort is high and low in the business;
  • Whether people understand the strategy and direction (and where they don’t);
  • Where systems and processes are working efficiently and where is their opportunity for improvement;
  • How well individual’s performance is being managed in different areas of the business;
  • How engaged and committed people are;
  • Whether people able to work to their full potential;
  • Whether the workplace environment is safe and secure;
  • Whether existing staff feel as though the organisation is attracting and retaining the right people.

Why all Genos Certified Practitioners should take this course

Most large and small to medium size organisations use an employee engagement and organisational effectiveness survey on an annual basis. Through the eyes of all employees, these surveys provide executives with an empirical view of their employees’ employment experience and what can be done to drive employment brand, performance and growth.

Partner with Training Industry’s seven-time Global Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation company, Genos International, in this strategic area of Organisational Development assessment and consulting. PLUS Earn 50% of the revenue generated by the survey and 100% of the consulting opportunities it brings you.

Learn a tried and tested approach to rolling out the Engagement Survey effectively:

  1. How to position and price the survey to prospective clients
  2. How to work with a client to set demographic and survey questions
  3. How to test, launch and drive the completion of the survey
  4. How to analyse and debrief results
  5. How to conduct focus groups and drive consulting initiatives base on survey results.

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