How EI helped a patient-centric pharma company enhance vision and workplace culture

A strong, positive workplace culture reflects the values, vision, and behaviours of an organisation. It sets the tone for how a company functions, and is critical to employee retention, problem-solving and outcomes.

In this episode, we’re introduced to a pharmaceutical startup that harnessed the power of emotional intelligence to cultivate successful company culture.

Newly formed by its major pharmaceutical parent, the startup was on a mission to establish patient-centric vision and improve ways of working. Over 18 months, the company worked with Genos to implement an EI assessment and development program that helped transform workplace behaviours and achieve these goals.

Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry or are a leader looking to elevate your workforce. you will learn about: 

The role of emotional intelligence in transforming workplace behaviours, vision, and culture.   

Marlene Tanner, Senior Pharmaceutical HR & OD Executive joins Genos International CEO Dr Ben Palmer and Marie El Daghl to discuss:

  • How over 18 months, she worked with Genos to implement an EI program that enhanced workplace behaviours, and patient-centric vision.
  • How growth mindset and positive reframing contribute to problem-solving.
  • The impact of EI in a work environment, and how this extends to day-to-day life.
  • How an EI program focusing on behaviour, change and resilience improved self-management and leadership.
  • The role of EI in fostering an organisational culture of innovation and creativity.
About Campbell McGlynn

Marlene Tanner

Marlene Tanner is a HR and OD executive, and Genos Certified Practitioner. Her expertise lies in the areas of leadership, talent, culture, and capability.

She is passionate about enabling individuals to reach their potential. Along with helping organisations have the capability and culture in place to support this transformation. Marlene’s strong ability to partner effectively with both internal and external stakeholders enable her to synthesize complex business issues. And as a result, find pragmatic solutions that create positive impact and cultural change.

Marlene has extensive experience working across all organizational levels. Her expertise spans across a variety of commercial roles within the pharma and biotech industry. She has designed and delivered talent and development solutions that enable business outcomes. Her work in areas of emotional intelligence, growth mindset, mental health and organisational development has enabled strong alignment of the people and culture strategy with business objectives.

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