Not Your Typical Engineer

Karine Leblanc, a mechanical engineer turned certified practitioner, is on a mission to revolutionise how engineers communicate and connect. On this month’s episode of EI at Work, Karine shares her journey of transformation, growth, and the power of emotional intelligence. 

Her journey finds its roots in engineering, where she navigated a male dominate industry, striving to stand out and make a difference. But it’s her personal transformation, sparked by a mentor’s candid feedback, that led her down the path of emotional intelligence and self-investment. 

Determined to invest in herself, Karine embarked on a journey of self-improvement, diving into the world of emotional intelligence. The results were empowering – increased peace, productivity, and a more enjoyable team dynamic. Her sales improved, her influence grew, and she became an integral part of her community. 

Karine also shares the process of formalising her expertise by becoming a Genos Certified Practitioner, which began with finding a partner aligned with her values and standards. She found this in Genos International, a community that offered a streamlined certification process with a global network of practitioners. The scientific credibility and case studies behind the Genos International methodology were crucial in her decision, especially when speaking to an audience of engineers with analytical minds.  

Karine’s story serves as a powerful reminder that our professional lives are deeply intertwined with our personal growth. By embracing emotional intelligence, we can not only enhance our own lives but also inspire and uplift those around us. 

In this episode, learn: 

[01:26] about Karine’s background in engineering, her specialty in air conditioning, and her motivation for choosing a career in engineering. 

[03:13] more on Karine’s experience with gender in the engineering industry, her change in behaviour, and her mentor’s impact on her self-awareness. 

[08:45] about her decision to become a coach and trainer, and the impact of her transformation. 

[10:36] the significance of emotional intelligence in the engineering field and its impact on professional relationships. 

[12:23] about the outcomes of working on emotional intelligence and the relevance of emotional labour in challenging professions. 

[18:28] about Karines decision to become certified, her criteria for choosing Genos, and the supportive community offered by Genos. 

[22:04] why Karine emphasises the significance of scientific credibility in Genos methodology for engineering audience. 

[28:13] about the importance of organisations promoting learning and development in the workplace. 

[29:54] about Karine’s experience of investing in personal development and integrating it into her sales meetings. 

[36:43] more on the value of undergoing emotional intelligence assessments and the impact of certification on professional development. 

[38:57] about the importance of finding an assessment model that resonates with one’s values and approach to emotional intelligence is emphasised. 


About Karine Leblanc

Karine Leblanc, the dynamo who wears many hats—engineer, bestselling author of How to Be Human in a Technical World, and international professional speaker. As the VP of Sales at iAIRE, she’s not just crunching numbers; she’s crafting winning sales teams with her unique blend of engineering prowess, coaching finesse, and relationship-building wizardry.
Armed with a mechanical engineering degree from Montreal’s Ecole de Technologie Superieure and a slew of certifications, she’s a powerhouse. Karine is a John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker, a DISC certified behavioral analysis consultant, a Genos emotional intelligence certified practitioner and an eSpeakers certified virtual presenter. Oh, and did we mention she’s a Heroic Public Speaking graduate Alumni?
Karine’s not your typical engineer™, she’s shattered ceilings by serving on ASHRAE’s board of directors, and her accolades include the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award and John F James International Award.

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