The State of EI in 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a big year for Genos International and the Emotional Intelligence landscape.  

A slight rise in the unemployment rate and a tight labour market in Australia means more organisations will be looking for opportunities to increase productivity gains that result in increased profitability. Another area of focus will be on customer service and leaning into having a more humanised approach. Dr. Ben Palmer shares insights on using the service profit chain model as a strategy to influence profitability and capitalise on having a human touch.  

In this episode of EI at Work, hosts Dr. Ben Palmer and Marie El Daghl discuss how organisations can improve the skills, capabilities, and overall performance of their current workforce through learning and development opportunities that are steeped in Emotional Intelligence.  

Ben discusses the interplay between technical skills and Emotional Intelligence skills, noting that over half of the top ten job skills in the World Economic Forum 2023 report are underpinned by high levels of EI. He emphasises the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and social influence in the workplace as EI skills that are here to stay. 

With lots happening in the EI space, Ben shares how Genos International are creating multiple opportunities for Certified Practitioners to take advantage of the growing need for EI. He discusses the value of the monthly product knowledge sessions and who they best cater to.  

Ben also discusses the upcoming Genos International Global Conference in Bangkok. He shares insights into the agenda and how it will help certified practitioners navigate the growing opportunities in EI amidst increased competition and how to harness the full suite of Genos products for maximum results.  

In this episode, learn:  

[00:13] About the tightening labour market, the rise in unemployment, and why you should focus on productivity and customer service. 

[03:24] More on the increased focus on technical skills, digital transformation, and the importance of emotional intelligence in job skills for 2024. 

[05:06] How organisations are placing increased emphasis on productivity gains and service orientation, and the role of emotional intelligence in achieving these goals. 

[06:26] About the need to balance digital transformation with human touch in work and service, and the continued dependence on humans in the workforce. 

[08:06] What Genos International’s priorities for the year are, including sales and marketing strategies, product introduction, and addressing greater competition. 

[13:57] About the importance of employee surveys for organisational effectiveness and the focus on packaging emotional intelligence products into the employment life cycle. 

[14:51] Details about the upcoming Genos International conference in Bangkok, including the focus on community, learning, and networking opportunities. 

[18:35] More on what keynote speakers we’ve engaged and the focus on personal development, communication, and product knowledge at the conference. 

[19:34] More on who the target audience for attending the conference is, such as those who are familiar with the product, struggling with sales and marketing, or those interested in emotional intelligence. 

[21:25] Where to find conference information on the Genos International website and to contact for further assistance. 

[23:08] Encouragement to explore past episodes on AI and psychological safety for further learning. 

Join Dr Ben Palmer, CEO of Genos International and other Certified Practitioners from around the world at this year’s 2024 Global Conference. 

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