Engaging Leader Program

The Engaging Leader Program is a powerful one-day leadership program bringing together the latest developments in Neuroscience, Human Motivation and Emotional Intelligence to help leaders enhance levels of motivation, commitment and engagement in their teams.

Most leaders recognise the importance of keeping people engaged, motivated and committed to their work and organisation. Indeed, it’s a common requirement of most leadership positions. However, most leaders will also tell you that keeping people engaged, motivated and committed isn’t so easy a task. Many factors influence an individual’s motivation ranging from day-to-day tasks, right through to the working styles of colleagues. What is motivating for one can be de-motivating for others.


The Engaging Leader Conversation

In this program, we introduce leaders to our Engagement Conversations Model. A process is outlined and techniques for how to use this model one-on-one with staff is demonstrated and practised so that leaders walk away ready to facilitate personal engagement reviews with their staff. This unique conversation helps leaders uncover, at a personal level:

  • What is working well and engaging their staff, and
  • What opportunities exist to improve motivation, commitment and engagement.

This conversation is designed to help leaders facilitate a mutual responsibility mindset amongst their staff around motivation, commitment and engagement. Done well, leaders use the model and conversation to help staff identify what they can do personally, and how they can be supported by their Manager, Team and the Organisation, to create a more motivating and engaging work experience.


Who will benefit?

The Engaging Leader program is for leaders at all levels who have been leading for twelve months or more and want to:

  1. Lead with a more engaging and motivating leadership style
  2. Enhance the motivation, commitment and engagement of their staff, and
  3. Generate greater performance and well-being in their business.
Drawing on the latest developments in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Human Motivation the Engaging Leader program provides insight, feedback and know-how on the leadership competencies that motivate and engage people.

As pre-work participants complete the Genos Emotional Intelligence 180 assessment. Participants receive their feedback at the program and are provided with a development tips workbook and guidance on how to create a personalised development plan. This plan helps leaders identify steps they can take back in the workplace to better demonstrate the competencies of an engaging leader.

Assessment Options

180° EI Leadership Feedback Report

Read More about Leadership Assessments

Leadership Development Tips

Who can deliver this program?

Please contact Genos if you are interested in having this program run within your own organisation.

Game changing for business. Life changing for people.

Genos helps professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience.

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