Lead Empower and Thrive with EI

Lead empower and thrive uses emotional intelligence to boost leadership skills that are essential to business success. Using practical tools and techniques, this program helps leaders better connect and empathise, communicate, think strategically, build employee engagement and influence in virtual, and in person, working environments.

The skills and capabilities enhanced within the program also help leaders with their relationships outside of the workplace. Leaders better connect with their partners, parents, siblings and friends. That’s why we call this program game changing for business. Life changing for people.

Learning outcomes

Through practical tools and techniques, participants enhance their:

  • self-awareness and the influence they have on others;
  • empathy and capacity to flex their leadership approach to better connect, communicate and influence others;
  • ability to hold authentic conversations with others about behaviour and performance;
  • resilience and well-being so they can remain more centred under pressure and project greater leadership confidence;
  • decision-making and buy-in for decisions;
  • capacity to lead in person and virtually.

Course inclusions

  1. 6 x 90 minute instructor lead learning modules. Each module comprises inspirational content, practical tools, techniques and activities. Participants learn with like-minded colleagues and interact with internationally recognised facilitators who develop emotionally intelligent leadership within Fortune 500 companies every day.
  2. A Genos 180 Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment and Digital Report. This assessment provides participants with feedback on how well they demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership behaviours helping to personalise the course content to their individual needs. The digital report takes leaders through a process that helps them turn their results into a meaningful action plan.
  3. A comprehensive workbook detailing the tools and techniques used in the program and space to support note-taking and personal development planning.
  4. Optionally, for an additional $500, upscale your program to include a 360 assessment and 1hr personal live-virtual debrief with a Genos Certified coach. 

Who should take this course

Leaders at all levels (frontline through to senior level), who lead others and are looking to boost their people skills.

One Program, Delivered in Two Ways.

For a face-to-face or virtual program for inhouse teams, please contact us for a custom proposal.

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