Lead, Empower and Thrive
with Emotional Intelligence

Lead, Empower and Thrive with Emotional Intelligence

Lead empower and thrive uses emotional intelligence to boost leadership soft skills that are essential to business success. Using practical tools and techniques, this program helps leaders better connect and empathise, communicate, think strategically, build employee engagement and influence in virtual, and in person, working environments.


During this program leaders apply practical tools and techniques that helps them:

• Build their self-awareness
• Lead virtually
• Respond effectively to feedback
• Empathise and connect with others
• Hold authentic conversations with others about behaviour and performance
• Think strategically and gain greater buy-in for decisions
• Improve their own wellbeing
• Better influence their boss, peers and direct reports.

As Josh Bersin says in his HR Predictions for 2022 report, “Of all the learning and development issues companies face, one of the hottest of all is PowerSkills—teaching people how to lead, work in teams, collaborate, communicate, tell stories, and think strategically. We recognized that skills like empathy, forgiveness, humility, and awe were the most powerful and sustainable skills in business. While these kinds of “softer skills” were not widely discussed prior to the pandemic, we now know they are essential to success.”

If these are the type of issues your leaders face, Lead, empower and thrive with emotional intelligence is the perfect solution.


  • Personal resilience quiz
  • Proactive strategies and techniques for:
  • Thinking
  • Physiology
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Workplace experience reflection model
  • 5-step process to facilitating employee engagement reviews

What’s involved?

1. Benchmark: Privately and confidentially benchmark how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership behaviours in comparison with other using the Genos emotionally intelligence leadership assessment. Completed as pre-work, this assessment gives you a gauge on your leadership in comparison to the world-renowned Genos global leadership benchmark.

2. Personalise: Complete a professional debrief of your assessment results prior to the Leading with EI course to help you personalise what you need from the content. An experienced, Genos certified executive coach will take you through your results and help you develop a relevant action plan.

3. Participate: In six 90 minute Virtual Instructor Lead Learning Modules delivered over Zoom. Each module comprises inspiration content, practical tools, techniques and activities. You will learn with your peer cohort and interact with internationally recognised facilitators who develop emotionally intelligent leadership with School leaders and Fortune 500 companies every day.

4. Embed: Post each module you will have the opportunity to apply the tools and techniques at work and outside of it.

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