Resilient Leader Program

The Resilient Leader is a powerful one day program that brings together the latest developments in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience to help leaders enhance their well-being, feel less stressed and facilitate resilience and well-being in their teams. In the program leaders firstly explore and receive feedback on the emotionally intelligent leadership competencies required to build resilience in themselves and others.


As pre-work to the program Leaders complete the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment. At the program, we provide them with their Feedback Report, a Development Tips workbook and expert led debrief and action planning methodologies to help leaders leverage strengths and address development opportunities. What would it mean to your leaders to be more of the leader on the right of our model and less of the leader, that we can all be at times, on the left?

Following the feedback and personal action planning, we then take leaders through the four major categories of personal resilience building strategies (and experiences of them).

The number and cost of mental injuries caused by workplaces now exceeds the number and cost of physical injuries. As a result, mental health and safety at work now rivals the importance of a physical health and safety. The Resilient Leader program helps raise leaders’ awareness of this new key corporate responsibility and gives them the tools and techniques to facilitate well-being in their teams.

As an example, leaders explore and practice applying, a 3-step model for positively in uencing the way others feel around a distressing event and helping others nd the best possible response to make to it.

The Resilient Leader equips leaders with the tools and techniques to help build higher levels of resilience and well-being in your workplace. Together with other mental health strategies like R-U-OK-day? the Resilient Leader is a powerful program for building a mentally healthy workplace.
A recent study by PwC for the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance estimates that “through the successful implementation of an effective action to create a mentally healthy workplace, organisations, on average, can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) of 2.3. That is, for every dollar spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action, there is on average $2.30 in bene ts to be gained by the organisation”.

In our world of ‘do-more-with-less’, where financial pressures abound, job complexity is high and constant change is the new certainty, we experience elevated stress levels and a greater daily experience of negative emotions. This, in turn, causes our thinking to be narrowed, our perspective to be limited and a greater preponderance of reactionary behaviour. We become more easily defensive or aggressive in our responses, more problem-focused and we more readily forget the bigger picture. Interpersonal conflicts arise. Equip your leaders with the Resilient Leader Program to help create a different set of emotions and outcomes.

Assessment Options

180° EI Leadership Feedback Report

Read More about Leadership Assessments

Leadership Development Tips

The latest developments in Neuroscience, Emotional intelligence and Resilience from these and other classic pieces of work have been combined within this pro- gram to help you bring out the best results in yourself and others.

Working with emotional intelligence
10% Happier
Emotional Intelligence
The Emotional Life of Your Brain
Your Brain At Work

Who can deliver this program?

Please contact Genos if you are interested in having this program run within your own organisation.

Alternatively, this program is also available to Genos EI Certified Practitioners and is obtained after successfully completing the Genos EI Certification Program.

Game changing for business. Life changing for people.

Genos helps professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience.

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