Genos In-house Courses

If you have a group of people within your organisation who would like to complete an in-house program, including the engaging course facilitated by a Genos Master Trainer, you may request an in-house program.

Genos provides comprehensive instruction and high-quality materials so as to ensure that Genos-certified professionals are both highly competent and highly confident in the delivery and debriefing of Genos EI products.

Please contact Genos to request a copy of our pricing list and note that requests for in-house programs located outside of Australia will incur additional travel expenses.

Requesting the In-house Program

Before submitting a request to Genos to run an In-house program, please ensure that you have read and agree to adhere to the applicable Terms and Conditions for In-house Course bookings. A quote will be provided to you based on your request and you will receive an invoice after the in-house course.

Requirements (for face-to-face courses):

  • A high quality venue will need to be provided for participants for a course for between 9am and 5pm each day
  • PowerPoint projector, allowing a laptop connection
  • Catering will need to be provided for the participants and the facilitator during the course breaks including morning tea (10:30-10:50am), lunch (12:30-1:15pm) and afternoon tea (3:30-3:50pm).

Please inform the following to at least 30 days before the course date:

  • Primary contact person – for arrangements of this program
  • Venue location details (for face-to-face courses) – address, including any travel/parking options and how to find the room
  • Postal address for materials

Please send the following to at least 14 days before the course date:

  • List of participants – including their first and last names, email address and contact phone numbers (if possible).

Upon request you will also be sent some information about ‘whitelisting’ Genos International and Genos Surveys email communications used throughout the program.


After the program (for Certification)

Upon completion of the program, participants are provided with:

  • Administrator access to the Genos Surveys platform – if you have a preferred/separate account for them to be added to, please let us know
  • Provided with a free practise assessment credit via Genos Surveys tokens – this may involve activating the use of tokens to your account
  • EI Certified Practitioner access to the Member Portal
  • A Certificate and Letter of Completion
  • Instructions on how to initiate a Genos EI Assessment – via both service options

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