Group Report Options for Genos EI Assessments

A group report presents the results of a survey that reflects how well a number of their employees demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviours in the workplace.

Genos Consultant Summary Report

The Genos Consultant Summary Report can be generated for any assessment group (for e.g. 18 people completing a 180° Leadership Feedback Report). This report:

  • is complimentary with any Genos EI Assessment,
  • provides a summary of participant results from lowest to highest,
  • helps a program facilitator (or facilitators) understand the different results achieved by a group of participants in a learning program,
  • assists those involved in talent management activities and decisions, and
  • contains highly sensitive information and needs to be treated with the utmost of care.

A particularly powerful aspect of the Consultant Summary Report is the ability to generate this report to be used to help prepare for a group-based debrief. If you think about a typical group-based debrief, where there can be up to 15 people in the room, you are likely to have results that range from low to high with some people in the middle. Understanding where people's results sit in such an accessible way before you start your session can therefore ensure you are making the most of your time.

This report is designed for the above-mentioned purposes and should not be shown to a participant in the given cohort or any individual not involved in either talent management, development or program facilitation activities.

Consultant Summary Report

How Information is Presented

  • Participant results appear in this report from lowest scores to highest scores, i.e. the person who scored lowest on the Genos Survey is presented first and the person who scored highest appears at the end.
  • Each participant’s results are presented over four pages. The first two pages present their overall results (average of all demonstration scores) for each competency. The second two pages detail their average demonstration scores for each item (or question) of the survey by rater category.
  • They KEY below each set of item scores shows the rater categories that provided feedback. Where more than one rater in a category provided feedback, the number of raters is shown inside parenthesis.

This report does not present average scores on the survey for the given cohort. If you would like to analyse the average scores please download a Genos Group Report. Genos Group Reports present average scores for both Importance and Demonstration obtained by a cohort.


How to access this report?

More information about interpreting and using this report is covered in the Genos EI Certification Program or (for existing pracitioners) in the Online Courses section of the Member Portal.

For Genos Surveys administrators, this report option will appear in the “Reports” section at the bottom of the group overview screen (as shown in this screenshot).

This report can also be requested via the Survey Request Form when requesting a Genos-managed service.


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